The benefits of a vacation with horses

Are you looking for a short break in the great outdoors? The combination with a beautiful hotel and good food in lush nature makes horseback riding an incomparable sport. It’s about freedom, adventure and the connection between humans and animals that make this holiday experience a lasting memory.
Riding is a sport or hobby for many people, for others it means recreation.
On horseback we look at the surrounding landscape and at the same time we are part of it when we ride along lakes, pass waterfalls or ride up mountains.


Here are the physical benefits of horseback riding:
1. Improvement of vertical and horizontal balance.
2. The upper body is held upright, which improves the control of your body posture and helps to correct it.
3. Improves your muscle tone.
4. The higher body temperature of horses improves your blood circulation.
5. It helps to discontract muscles.
6. The constant movement of the horse’s body helps to develop your fine and gross motor skills and your coordination.
7. It improves your body awareness in general and specifically trains equally both sides of your body.
8. It releases endorphins that rejuvenate your body and reduces stress.

Our selection of hotels with horse riding facilities:


Beautiful view over Lake Windermere and access to private woodland grounds, it’s of no surprise that Linthwaite House, is a popular choice for guests looking for a holiday in nature. A stay at Linthwaite House allows guests to visit the picturesque town of Bowness-on-Windermere, experience the delicious menu at in-house restaurant Henrock by chef Simon Rogan. The hotel is also will arrange rides with Cumbrian Heavy Horses, where guests can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of riding giant Clydesdale and Shire horses through the Lake District.


Horseback riding along a beach is a fascinating experience and an instant holiday boost that gives you all the energy you want to get from a holiday in nature.
Domaine Murtoli in southernmost Corsica is a place that works for all seasons. Walk in the fields, watch the horses galloping through the maquis or prancing on the seashores of the large beach. The Equestrian Farm Fior di Lezza, located in the upper valley, offers introductory and improvement lessons for all levels of riders.



It is quite an experience when you spend a holiday with your assigned horse, day and night. Your horse will be spending the time while you are there in the garden stable at Chesa Salis in Bever, a historical village in Engadin. Working together with the Engadin Ranch you can go on horseback riding excursions and start or finish your day with a yoga session in the romantic hotel garden. Catherine Lippuner  will make your stay a new experience of spending your holidays as close a s you can get to nature. Read our article here



Near lake Iseo in the beautiful wine country Franciacorta lies L´Albereta a getaway that lets you combine, sports, nature, fine dining and spa treatments by Methode Chenot.
The nearby stables organize riding excursions through the beautiful wine land and let you inhale the scent and energy of this rich region by heart.