7 reasons to visit Villa Mabrouka in Tangier in spring

There are countless reasons to experience Tangier in the spring, when the aroma of jasmine blends with the sea breeze. However, before Villa Mabrouka, a boutique five-star hotel boasting 12 rooms, gains widespread global recognition, I suggest exploring the former late summer abode of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. This recommendation isn’t just for the breathtaking vistas spanning the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, but also for the myriad unique touches awaiting discovery—each meticulously crafted and selected by the new proprietor, Mr. Jasper Conran. Having acquired Villa Mabrouka in 2019, he has undertaken its refurbishment with meticulous care and reverence.

Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD at the Villa Mabrouka in Tangier, Morocco

Reserve the former bedroom of Yves Saint Laurent, originally adorned by Jacques Grange and now meticulously refurbished by hotelier, designer, and proprietor Jasper Conran. Maintaining the same style, color palette, and intricate details, Conran offers his modern interpretation, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a moment of fashion history. Learn about the influences and inspirations Yves Saint Laurent drew from during his stays in this summer retreat.

Villa Mabrouka, Tangier


Arrange your travel to ensure you arrive just in time for lunch on the terrace. With only a few tables set in a classic setting adorned with distinctive silverware and specially crafted china, your meal begins with fresh crudité from the hotel’s garden and homemade grissini. Prepare to linger and indulge in the chef de patisserie’s exquisite cakes and desserts.

Lunch at the Villa Mabrouka


The uniquely shaped pool, carved into the cliff for its former owner, an Arabian princess, offers a tranquil spot to unwind. Whether enjoying a leisurely lunch in the summer or lounging on a deck chair or within the fresco-adorned pool house, the pool area invites relaxation with breathtaking views of the bay of Tangier.

Villa Mabrouka

Indulge in traditional hammam treatments or opt for a massage in the privacy of your room, particularly recommended when staying in the Marrakesh suite, where the bathroom boasts stunning views you won’t want to leave.



For a change of scenery, head to the mid-pool house with its newly built smaller pool, ideal for year-round enjoyment. Take a refreshing dip before savoring a cocktail or Moroccan mint tea by the pool house fireplace, soaking in the serene garden views.

Villa Mabrouka

Discover secluded dining spots throughout the property, including the Maynott pavilion, hand-painted by Yves Saint Laurent’s friend, Laurence Mynott, offering an intimate ambiance illuminated by candlelight.

Villa Mabrouka

Gather in the all-white common room with a fireplace, perfect for mingling with fellow guests, many of whom are involved in the arts, theater, and design fields. With its intimate atmosphere reminiscent of Mr. Conran’s private residence rather than a typical five-star hotel, the property exudes charm, making it a cherished destination worth revisiting year after year.


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