The Lily of the Valley effect

Imagine a sanctuary nestled in a nature reserve, where lush gardens meet the azure waters of the Côte d’Azur, and a cozy shack perched on the hills offers a panoramic view of the sea. This is Lily of the Valley, a boutique hotel with just 44 rooms, discreetly positioned above Croix-Valmer, a mere 20 minutes from St. Tropez. The architecture blends seamlessly into the surrounding flora, creating a serene atmosphere ideal for a rejuvenating long weekend.

“Lily of the Valley” Room 27 with a view

The hotel’s philosophy centers on relaxation, weight loss, and fitness preparation, with a unique approach to wellness that isn’t as rigid as some European standards. Instead, it adopts a gentler “savoir vivre” style through the “TGV method” by Dr. Jacques Fricker. Guests can shed excess weight with a regimen of exercise, balanced meals, and tailored care. The cuisine is both scrumptious and healthful, aimed at revitalizing the body.

Sundowner at the Bar

Guests may select from detox plans, wellness-focused meals, or a seasonal, organic menu so inherent to the establishment that it barely needs mention, as explained by the chef. Upon arrival, a personal coach outlines strategies to achieve individual goals efficiently and enjoyably, emphasizing simple, effective routines of movement and good nutrition.

“Lily of the Valley” . Hidden in plain sight


Facilities include two swimming pools, access to the stunning Gigaro beach, a state-of-the-art TechnoGym, and classes in pilates, yoga, and meditation. Personal coaching is thorough, with ongoing support available via WhatsApp to ensure tailored guidance throughout your stay.

La Brigantine Restaurant at the beach


The “Lily of the Valley” Beach Club at Gigaro Beach


IRMASWORLD’s Jasmin Khezri at Gigaro Beach in Croix-Valmer

Designed by Philippe Starck, the hotel’s interiors promote comfort and tranquility. Plush sofas, a relaxing lounge by the pool, and personalized rooms adorned with sculptures, artworks, and a thoughtfully curated book collection make it feel more like a home than a hotel. Each room offers garden views from private balconies, immersed in the seasonal fragrance of blooming flowers. Lily of the Valley is a year-round haven, inviting guests to linger and luxuriate in its peaceful embrace.


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