Monteverro. The harmony of nature and wine making

It doesn’t happen very often that you have the vision and opportunity to build a winery from scratch, i.e., to buy farmland to plant vines and use the latest knowledge to produce one of the most complex cultural foods we know: Wine.
Georg Weber had this vision when he started this project at the turn of the millennium on the green field next to Capalbio in the southernmost Maremma part of Tuscany. He named the winery Monteverro.

Under optimal ecological conditions, considering the existing flora and fauna, he has succeeded in creating a small, exclusive winery with high quality wine, which can now easily compete with the best wines in Italy.

Pranzo at Monteverro , together with Silvia Marchetto , Press & PR from Monteverro and winemaker Mathieu Taunay.

We visited the Monteverro winery and let a passionate team introduce us to the modern world of wine production. The excitement for the product can be felt everywhere, but what is particularly striking is that the team behind it is pursuing a common goal with great enthusiasm: To produce a sustainable wine that meets the highest quality standards without damaging nature but using its high complex organism to maintain, create and develop wine.

This region of Maremma in Tuscany is truly a place where mainly Romans have their summer houses.
Nature is still unspoiled as there are no developments. A rare place which has some of the most important industrialists spending their summers, but where time seems to stand still.

During our tour of the vineyards, we learned a lot from our guide Silvia about the interaction of the different cultivation methods and the clever use of the terroir and the plant world, which also includes 8 stocks of honeybees. The employees even have their own vegetable garden in an open area, which they tend together and whose products we were able to taste over a wonderful pranzo accompanied by a Monteverro wine tasting. It is all about common sense, a project that combines, a dedicated passion, knowledge in their field, one consistent direction and the freedom to develop and maintain to get the best wine, nature creates.

The impressive wine cellar of Monteverro.

We were joined by the winemaker the oenologist Matthieu Taunay, who started at Monteverro right at the beginning in 2008. He explained to us the concept and the process at the winery.

In particular, he emphasizes the importance of Georg Weber’s clear long-term strategy, which runs consistently through the conception of the entire facility, from cultivation to processing. This ongoing process is supplemented by annual meetings with Michel Rolland, the world’s leading oenologist.

The region is rich in flavour, nature and attracts the most passionate people of their trade to spend their life here in balance with what they do and the passion they share, creating and working with something authentic.

The result is impressive. Monteverro’s wines really meet the highest standards and perfectly reflect the work and passion behind them. A great pleasure, a wonderful place to be close and harmoniously to nature.

The wines of Monteverro,

Visits are organised directly by Monteverro (here)