Chesa Salis – 8 reasons to visit this historical hotel in Engadin

Chesa Salis, a former farmhouse from 1560 in the village of Bever, Switzerland is the perfect mountain hotel if you are looking for a journey back in time with a holistic touch.
By that I do not mean that this little jewel of a historical hotel has only a zen approach that feels out of place. In contrast the pureness and high energy that flows in the Engadin mountains is reflected in a relaxing way at the Chesa Salis.

Maybe that is due to the long history of this house, the beauty of detail and the effortless flow that is created by the management, Catherine Lippuner with her business partner Helena Thomas.
Catherine is a Biologist, Shiatzu Therapist and yoga teacher who decided to run this place in a very different way, apart from the grand deluxe houses in nearby St. Moritz.

At Chesa Salis you will find a unique way of recharging your batteries and gaining energy just from staying in your wood panelled room., which has all the charm of a typical Engadin family home.

Why should you visit? Read on

The unique setting in the middle of Bever, a typical Engadin village is worth the journey. Walk through the streets and enjoy the Sgrafitto on the houses that tell a story.
The location is only a 15-minute drive from St. Moritz and a 10-minute drive from the slopes.


Get ready to ski or just for a mountain hike, you will be able to rest healthy and comfortably in the stone pine panelled rooms, that still have the charm of earlier days, no TV but lots of beautiful details to look at and to rest your eyes on.


The hotel only serves breakfast, except on weekends when Roland Gruber, a chef from South Tyrol cooks in the Stuben and serves delicious wines from his region with typical cold cuts, Bündnerfleisch.


The former family home of the Engadiner family Salis still holds their fine porcelain, furniture, silverware and many more treasures which still serve the hotel, just like the structure , once built by architect Nikolaus Hartmann who managed to transfer harmoniously the family home into a hotel. All that adds to the positive vibe each room and corner represents.


Catherine Lippuner is full of energy and eager to make this place special by organizing excursions with horses from a nearby ranch hosting yoga retreats in summer.
Her energy runs the house, and she has many tips for a great stay.


The art of living simple but good is part of Catherine`s mentality. She offers her guest a local, homemade breakfast with homemade breads, local cheeses and farm eggs that all come from suppliers she personally knows and are prepared in a simple, yet delicious way, that gets you energized for the day.


Be part of nature and go for an excursion by horse. The nearby River Ranch offers riding excursions and being with horses strengthen your mind and physical well-being. Do things you usually would not do in the mountains and experience a new feeling of well-being.