Jasmin Khezri

Jasmin Khezri, creator of IRMA and founder of IRMASWORLD:

IRMA is the brainchild and alter ego of successful illustrator, art director and publisher Jasmin Khezri.
Raised in Germany, England and France, Jasmin studied at the renowned Parsons School of Design in Paris and Los Angeles and went on to become a leading award-winning art director in Europe. Besides a successful career in magazines and retail, she became famous for her unique Illustration style and especially for IRMA:
“When I had the idea of creating that iconic illustrated character, I did not have to think twice: IRMA will be her name. My grandmother, Irma, was an inspirational force in my life. She was a muse to her husband, the sculptor Carl Vilz and worked a great part of her life successfully as fashion buying director. IRMA encapsulates and brings to live the virtues of a strong, independent, and modern woman – always ahead of her generation and always with a sparkle in her eyes.”

Jasmin Khezri went on to found IRMASWORLD, the platform and Social Media space where curated discoveries are illustrated, written about and published. (Watch this TV interview with IRMASWORLD® founder Jasmin Khezri).



Following the success of IRMASWORLD and the growing demand for creative services IRMASSTUDIO and IRMASATELIER were born.

IRMASWORLD is an international platform for lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty.

IRMASSTUDIO is a creative consultancy. The place to go for visual concepts, art direction and branding strategy. Clients include Steiff, Meissen, Butlers, Harper’s Bazaar Poland, Ambuja and others.

IRMASATELIER is developing and creating products, licensed and proprietary, with or without illustration artwork. Clients include myTheresa.com, Celine, Tom Ford, MCM, Miu Miu and others.

IRMA is both artist and illustrated character created by Jasmin Khezri.
Over the years IRMA columns were published in the largest international magazines and licensed to companies all over the world. IRMA stand for high quality premium and luxury content.