About IRMA

Jasmin Khezri, creator of IRMA and founder of IRMASWORLD:

IRMASWORLD is an online magazine and brand created by award-winning art director, illustrator
and publisher Jasmin Khezri.
Raised in Germany, England and France, Jasmin Khezri studied at the renowned Parsons School of Design in Paris and Los Angeles and advanced to become a leading art director in Europe.

In addition to a successful career in magazines and retail, she became known for her unique illustration style and IRMA in particular.
Over the years, Jasmin published her digital magazine and designed and created many products in collaboration with partners in Europe, the US and Japan. From Celine to Rolls-Royce, from ISETAN to myTheresa and many more. Always inspired by the world of IRMA.

In 2021 Jasmin expanded her brand to include prêt-à-porter design by launching JASMIN KHEZRI COLLECTION, strongly influenced by contemporary art, her passion for illustrations and fabrics.

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(Watch this TV interview with IRMASWORLD® founder Jasmin Khezri)

IRMA is both artist and illustrated character created by Jasmin Khezri.
Over the years IRMA columns were published in the largest international magazines and licensed to companies all over the world. IRMA stands for high quality premium and luxury content.

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