Jasmin Khezri


Jasmin Khezri, creator of IRMA and founder of IRMASWORLD®:

IRMA is the brainchild and alter ego of successful illustrator, art director and publisher Jasmin Khezri.

Raised in Germany, England and France, Jasmin studied at the renowned Parsons School of Design in Paris and Los Angeles and went on to become one of the youngest award winning art directors in Europe. Besides a successful career in magazines and retail, she became famous for her unique Illustration style and especially for IRMA:
“ When I had the idea of creating that iconic illustrated character, I did not have to think twice: IRMA will be her name. My grandmother, Irma, was an inspirational force in my life. She was a muse to her husband, renowned sculptor Carl Vilz and worked a great part of her life successfully as fashion buying director.
IRMA encapsulates and brings to live the virtues of a strong, independent, and modern woman – always ahead of her generation and always with a sparkle in her eyes“
Jasmin Khezri went on to found IRMASWORLD® where curated discoveries are illustrated, written about and published.
ALL-ABOUIT-IRMA-XXXX„Hi, my name is IRMA and actually I’m an illustrated character created byJasmin Khezri. To tell you the truth, it took my creator, Jasmin, more than 7 years to develop my look and my style in a complete way. In the beginning, I had big eyes and French-fries legs (well, I still have them but it’s because I have to run everywhere non-stop). If you want, you can look at the evolution of my character right “here”. Today, I’m an independent girl who is travelling everywhere in the world. Of course, Jasmin lives these adventures every day with me, which I must say is pretty cool because I don’t want to experience all that on my own.

So, now you are probably asking yourself, “But what is she doing exactly?” Actually, it’s not very complicated, as I already said I’m travelling around the world and I try to meet interesting people and discover great places. At the very beginning of this adventure, I was focused on fashion because it is one of my biggest inspirations. But at a certain point, I realized that for me it was not only about fashion. To live fashion you need more, like beauty, art, interior, design, architecture, literature, film… I could go on and on. And, for example, I love to eat! So I really had to discover more about the food world and surround myself with connoisseurs.

So my personal goal was to become an expert on how to always enjoy life and share with you my best discoveries and chat with people, whether they come from the fashion industry or from other worlds that I just mentioned before.

Oh, and there is a last point that I would like to tell you because I’m pretty proud about it. In the very beginning, Jasmin and I were travelling around the world by ourselves and when we came back home we had to write everything down so I could share our experiences with you. Today it is a little different. Jasmin and I are still discovering the world by ourselves but when we come back we don’t go home anymore. We go to our office where cool people are working every day to show you the best of what we discovered and give you my latest edits through my personal experience — sometimes but not always in an illustrated way to hopefully make your life easier and more enjoyable.

I hope you will join IRMASWORLD on their travels.“