Il Sereno Como – Buy what you see

If you didn’t get your furniture shopping done at the Salone del Mobile, here’s another chance if you spend the weekend right on Lake Como at Il Sereno. The rather small boutique luxury hotel is known for its perfect lakeside location and its signature penthouse suite designed by Patricia Urquiola, where you can buy what you see.

Immerse yourself in a world of Italian design.

Jasmin Khezri at the penthouse suite at Il Sereno Como, designed by Patricia Urquiola

Design Elegance

Inspired by Italian elegance, the new Penthouse Suite at Il Sereno Como Hotel embodies the spirit of modern ‘la dolce vita’. It’s a reverential nod to Italy’s rich cultural and design heritage. It blends the historic appeal of modernist Italian designers with the famous silks of Como, creating a sophisticated and enduring aesthetic. The space is decorated with a curated selection of furniture that celebrates iconic Italian design, from historic figures to contemporary pioneers. You’ll love the bespoke pieces designed by Urquiola herself, such as the chic Lariana bathtub and Ludo lounge chair, or the wooden bar cabinet, seamlessly integrated with timeless designs by Franco Albini and Gio Ponti, all for sale.

The penthouse suite at Il Sereno Como, designed by Patricia Urquiola

Material Mastery

 True to Urquiola’s ethos of local sourcing, the suite is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, with materials sourced from the region. Venetian terrazzo floors and geometric Ceppo tiles offer a modern twist on classic styles, while Canaletto walnut wood ceilings and green Verdi Alpi stone walls lend the suite an inherent elegance. The uniquely textured Ceppo grooved bedroom wall adds a tactile dimension to the sophisticated décor.

The penthouse suite at Il Sereno Como, designed by Patricia Urquiola


The penthouse suite at Il Sereno Como, designed by Patricia Urquiola

Botanical Brilliance

 In the lobby area, renowned French botanist Patrick Blanc has adorned the new façade with a striking vertical garden. This living work of art complements his previous installations throughout the hotel, creating a dynamic interplay between the natural surroundings and the architectural elegance of Il Sereno.

Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD


The Shoppable experience

 Il Sereno’s shoppable penthouse suite is the first of its kind in Europe, combining the opulence of a design showroom with the comfort of a luxury suite. Guests can not only enjoy the artistic and stylish atmosphere, but also purchase the very elements that define it, from furniture to accessories. This unique feature underscores a modern approach to luxury living, where beauty is not only an experience, but can be brought into one’s own home.

Il Sereno is a fusion of Italian design and innovative hospitality. It’s the perfect destination for those who appreciate the finer aspects of design and luxury, a journey that includes a collaboration with the signature boats of Cantiere Ernesto Riva, a private spa and hammam and, of course, a pool overlooking the lake.

View over the pool of Il Sereno towards Lake Como


The kitchen brigade of the Michelin-starred Al Largo restaurant at Il Sereno Como.


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