Pool houses

A holiday home with your own pool is a treat by itself. Just imagine lounging and indulging at your own private pool, throw a BBQ or cocktail party whenever you like and go for a night-time swim before going to bed. We love the idea of a summer house with a pool and edited four you can book for your summer holiday.


This unique and exclusive oasis in the middle of the Algarve has the atmosphere of a Moroccan riad. Artist Eric de Bruijn’s home studio is called Ana Ana, from the Arabic for ‘I am’. The home was created from an iconic building with industrial lines and transformed into a remarkable haven of tranquility filled with bright natural light, unique artwork and cool finds. Read on on Boutique Homes….



This cluster of villas is owned by a couple who moved their family to the peaceful Greek island of Kefalonia in 2000. It is a one hectare property on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea and a stone’s throw from the water with five different apartments. Some were ruins of 18th-century buildings, others are new, but all are now stylish retreats that blend traditional character with modern design.
Each structure reflects and celebrates the passage of time, but they’ve also been updated with modern indulgences and art from around the world. “We wanted to do something where time itself is the great artist,” say the owners. “And here time becomes art.”
They refer to these houses as an art collection, and we love that idea. Each one stands on its own, with a different structure, theme, and design elements. It’s a fascinating mix of old and new, global and personal, simple and slightly decadent. All this on an island with impressive landscapes, colourful ports and villages, beautiful beaches and a fascinating history. Read on…..



Designed by Lorenzo Grifantini, a founder of DOS Architects from London, this holiday home in Puglia was built as a family retreat, away from the ‘bustle’ of city life.
Created as “a place of conviviality and play, where the central patio is the very heart of the house, the swimming pool and gardens reproduce the presence of natural elements, each contributing to their coherent architectural synthesis,” says Grifantini.
Located right next to the nearby Church of San Rocco in the small southern Italian town of Gagliano del Capo, the home’s central tower recreates the ancient fortress styles of the past with an economical aesthetic of glass, wood, metal, and stone.
In collaboration with his wife and interior designer, Allegra Figus, the house weaves a modern tapestry of traditional Salento artisan elements, combining woodwork, textiles and crafts with contemporary Italian fittings and designs by Viabizzuno and Campesato. Continue reading



When the owners of this villa for rent in Merida were looking for real estate, they looked through old doors or windows to see the abandoned lots and overgrown gardens beyond.
And in creating this space, that was her inspiration – to create a world within a world, a sheltered outdoor space, a place to enjoy the city and then retreat to a modern but natural oasis. For the look, they took the rocks and forests of Mexico and added a nod to Mexican brutalism with textured concrete.

One of the elements that makes the villa so attractive is the fact that it is built around the pool. It is a house in two parts – you enter through the living and dining area and cross the garden to reach the bedroom, housed in a modernist style bungalow. And although it is relatively small, the pool is wonderfully oversized at 15 meters long. Continue reading