Road-Tripping X. – Autumn in Italy

While crisp air fills Munich in September, we started our 10th Road Trip last week, promising charming destinations, luxurious accommodation and the thrill of the open road. Our companion for this odyssey was the latest Jaguar F-Pace SVR, ready to navigate the scenic routes ahead and of course the freedom to go on or stop whenever we like. Follow our stops and be inspired for your next get away.


Stop 1: Brixen – Restaurant and Hotel Fink
Our first stop, the newly refurbished fink Restaurant & Suites, was the perfect place to start. This boutique gem offered a harmonious blend of alpine charm and modern elegance, inspired by the nearby monasteries. The exquisite, yet pure cuisine was a highlight.

fink Restaurant and suites in Brixen.

The place to visit was Neustift Abbey, just half an hour’s walk from Brixen by the river. This centuries-old Benedictine abbey, nestled in the picturesque South Tyrolean countryside, proved to be a tranquil haven of history and spirituality and of course a restaurant where they serve their so well-known wines. Read more about it here .

Kloster Neustift, Brixen


Stop 2: Venturini Baldini – Hotel Rincolo 1888
Our journey southward carried on, taking us to Hotel Rincolo 1888, which is situated amid the vineyards of Venturini Baldini. This cozy, upscale rural hotel offered a welcoming ambiance. Julia Prestia and her husband, the owners, acquired and meticulously restored this former winery in the hills of Emilia Romagna a few years back.

Jasmin Khezri in the 17th century Villa Manodori at Rincolo 1888

Complemented by a fine dining restaurant, this is a retreat for the discerning. The property is renowned for its organic wines and traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

Villa Manodori at Rincolo 1888


Stop 3: Umbria – Castello di Reschio
The best moment with the Jaguar F-Pace SVR was undoubtedly navigating the winding roads that carved through the lush hills of Umbria en route to Castello di Reschio, an ancient castle that masterfully blended history, opulence, and nature into a timeless retreat. Upon entering its ancient gates, we were instantly transported to a realm where the past melded harmoniously with the present.

Site inspection. A tour of the Reschio estate

While we were staying at the estate, we conducted an interview with Count Benedict Bolza, the heir and architect responsible for the development of this extraordinary property, for the upcoming edition of our Sotheby’s Realty Magazine, set to be published in November. In our conversation, we gained profound insights into his journey of preserving the castle’s historical authenticity while introducing modern elements.

Pool at Castello di Reschio
Bar at the Ristorante All Scuderie

Castello di Reschio offered diverse activities that immersed us in Umbria’s heart. Horseback riding lessons allowed us to connect with the tranquil beauty of the estate, and a guided foraging expedition reveals the secrets of the fauna and flora of the Umbrian countryside. Read more about it here:


Stop 4: Lake Garda – Chipperfield Villa at Eden Reserve
The end of our journey welcomed us to Villa David Chipperfield Ovest at Eden Reserve on the picturesque shores of Lake Garda. Eden Reserve is an extraordinary collection of villas that display the pinnacle of architectural excellence, with each villa meticulously crafted by renowned architects such as David Chipperfield, Richard Mayer, Mateo Thun and Marc Mark. From up here you have incredible views over Gardone to the southern part of Lake Garda.

The Chipperfield Villa at Eden Reserve

The villa’s design pays homage to the historical architecture of the limonaias, which were originally used for lemon cultivation in the region. The primary facades facing the valley feature expansive windows that frame the stunning Mediterranean landscape. Delicate columns support pergolas positioned in front of the villas, echoing the rhythm of the nearby olive groves. These pergolas not only provide shade but also create an inviting outdoor space that seamlessly connects with terraces and swimming pools, so very typical for Chipperfield’s architecture.

Sunrise. View from the Chipperfield Villa at Eden Reserve

Our September road trip through Italy was a captivating journey that seamlessly combined elements of discovery, indulgence and indelible memories. Driving the sporty Jaguar F-Pace SVR, our route took us from the charming streets of Brixen to the tranquil Umbrian countryside and the majestic beauty of Lake Garda. This trip was a tribute to the irresistible allure of the open road, a celebration of European grandeur and an encouragement to others to embark on their own road-trip adventure and wholeheartedly embrace the enchantment of exploration.
Read more about it here:

Chipperfield Villa at Eden Reserve

We would especially like to thank Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH for providing us with the F-Pace SVR. It was a particular pleasure to drive.

Model: Jaguar F-Pace SVR.
Engine type: combustion engine
Displacement: 5,000 cm³
Power: 405 kW (550 PS) / 700 Nm
Number of cylinders: 8
Type of drive: All-wheel drive
Top speed: 286km/h
0-100 km/h: 4.0s