fink – inspired by monasteries

The more than 600-year-old Laubenhaus in Brixen, South Tyrol, reopened in August 2023 as a nine-suite hotel called ‘fink‘. There is an outdoor restaurant serving “monastery cuisine” and a Thermae with a sauna and steam bath. The renovation of the historic building focused on restoring the original character of the building, with a clean and purist design in the suites, restaurant and spa. The hotel stands out for its careful renovation of the historic townhouse, attention to detail and preserving old wooden doors, arches and frescoes.

“Our aim was to breathe new life into the historic buildings, always with the utmost respect for the structure,” says Petra Hinteregger Fink, explaining her approach. The suites, restaurant and spa area blend harmoniously into the historic walls and present a new aesthetic. ASAGGIO Architects, who had already designed the FORESTIS for the Hinteregger family, were responsible for the conversion.

Authentic homemade fruit breakfast with herbs a la Hildegard von Bingen at the fink Restaurant

Florian Fink’s unique culinary concept draws on the centuries-old knowledge of the monks and nuns from the nearby monasteries. He places particular emphasis on the simplicity of preparation, the careful selection of ingredients, like unrefined salt and sugar, mainly local vegetables and herbs, and the knowledge passed down through generations about the influence of our diet on our health for example from the philosophy of Hildegard von Bingen. Some of the herbs, for example, come from the famous Herrengarten, just a few steps away from the Kleine Lauben in the old town of Brixen, which is easily accessible for Florian and his wife Petra Fink, who are the fourth generation to run the Fink Inn, which is over 600 years old.

The fink restaurant in Brixen

The wine list often includes wines from the vineyards of the surrounding monasteries. For generations, the Fink family has also sourced its wine from Neustift Abbey, and every menu begins with a vegetable broth based on a recipe by Hildegard von Bingen. This is said to open the stomach and enjoy the erst to come.

Suite 201 at the fink in Brixen

The essence of this rather small hotel lies in the simplicity and the value of things, from the ingredients Florian Fink is using in his cuisine to the pillows and blankets in the beds. Less is more if the quality of things is at its highest standards.

The Thermae SPA at the fink.


The ThermaeSPA at the fink.


The SPA at the fink. Photo courtesy of ©fink Restaurant & Suites


A perfect place to recharge, rewind and be inspired and learn about the rich countryside, the history of Brixen and the creativity from the people f south Tyrol.

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