Le Grand Mazarin, looks and feels like a home

Perfect for the discerning traveller exploring Paris, Le Grand Mazarin, situated in the heart of Le Marais, caters to those seeking a home-away-from-home experience. The district’s charm is infused with a stylish nonchalance, along with an attempt to capture a uniquely Wes Anderson-inspired aesthetic created. While this attempt is deliberate, it strikes a delicate balance, transforming the hotel into a vibrant neighbourhood hotspot rather than a sterile tourist destination.

The Grand Mazarin. Photo © Vincent Leroux

Designed by the interior Designer, Martin Brudnizki, the hotel draws inspiration from Annabel’s, (also created by him) , featuring opulent jade velvet tassels, a mix of eclectic prints, fabrics from Maison Pierre Frey, and ornate swan-shaped fixtures. However, it retains the essence of Paris, reflecting Le Marais’s lively fusion of fashion, art, and LGBTQ+ culture.

Le Grand Mazarin. Photo © Vincent Leroux

Le Grand Mazarin is the result of six years of meticulous planning, born from the merger of two retail spaces and an existing three-star hotel, Villa Mazarin. The hotel offers 50 rooms and 11 suites, each providing views of Le Marais rooftops, or the inner patio adorned with murals created by artist Sophie Pega. The rooms are furnished with delightful painted wardrobes, canopy beds draped in tapestries, and furniture from the French heritage brand Art de Lys, creating a blend of 19th-century chateau aesthetics with a contemporary twist.

The bar at The Grand Mazarin

One of Le Grand Mazarin’s standout achievements is its aspiration to become a local neighborhood hub, paying homage to Paris’s historic Jewish quarter through its bar and restaurant, Boubalé. Boubalé is the favourite expression of Ashkenazi grandmothers and means “my little doll, my little treasure” in Yiddish. With this memory in mind, Michelin-starred chef Assaf Granit reinvents this cuisine that comes from the depths of the soul. The atmosphere is vibrant, with a welcoming tradition fostering a lively and increasingly spirited ambiance.

The Pool at The Grand Mazarin Photo © Vincent Leroux

The hotel offers various amenities, including a mid-sized swimming pool, jacuzzi, Hammam spa, and fitness room. The pool is adorned with a striking mural by the artist Jacques Merle on its vaulted ceiling.

Outdoor Dining


Boubalé executive chef Assaf Granit. Photo © Vincent Leroux

Le Marais itself offers an array of shopping, dining, and cultural opportunities. These include independent galleries, fashionable boutiques, the Museé de Caranavelet and the Fondation Azzedine Alaia right across the street, concept stores like Merci and Anatomica, charming cafes surrounding the majestic Place des Vosges, iconic restaurants, and the historic Les Marché des Enfants Rouge food market.

Photo © Vincent Leroux


Top floor Photo © Vincent Leroux