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MUNICH: The founders of NEW FLAG, Mr. Niklas Epstein and Mr. Daniel Haffa, are always looking for the latest beauty tools the world has to offer, but how do they know which of the hundreds of little helpers have the potential to become a bestseller? I was curious and had a chat with them, and now I appreciate my beauty tools even more.

How do you guys always find what we girls need and love? How did you get the idea to bring beauty products on the market?

Niki: It was a great coincidence. I used to live in London for five years and came across Tangle Teezer back then as it was such a great success. Now we look for cool and unique products all over the world – from large fairs and exhibitions to small beauty shops.

Which was the first country where you brought the beautyblender on the market?

Daniel: The beautyblender comes from the United States and we distribute it in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where we launched it simultaneously. The main technique is to apply the make-up via bouncy up-and-down motions across the face. Before using it, wet the beautyblender and remove any excess water through slightly towel drying until it is slightly moist.

N: You can also use beautyblender for lotions, serums and self-tan products.

Do you have some tutorials on your website or Youtube Channel so you can learn how to use the beautyblender and the invisibobble?

N: Yes! You can have a look at our Invisibobble tutorials for up-dos onyoutube.com/invisibobbleofficial.

You can get a lot of insight into the different products and what they offer! It is amazing to see all the hair styles that you can easily create with the invisibobble! Why and when did you start a colored version of the hair rings?

N: Thank you! We really appreciate the positive feedback. Invisibobble was also created to avoid kinks in the hair while wearing it as a regular hair-tie. We have many customers who really like the colorful versions and also wear them as accessories on their arm.

D: We wanted to offer our customers a variety in colors from the start so initially launched with eight colors and regularly release limited seasonal editions.

Is the Tangle Teezer brush still the bestseller? And if so, what makes it so successful?

N: All of our products are very successful. 😉 The Tangle Teezer is so special because it actually works. Women across the world have this problem of knots in their hair, which causes pain when brushing it. The TT literally resolves this because of its unique and patented teeth.

D: We are always on the outlook for new products. Tangle Teezer will launch its new blow-dry brushes in February, which we are very excited for! They will revolutionise the classic paddle brush with an entirely new technology in its teeth!