Shopping Time

IRMA'S shopping list for the festive season always takes her to Dallmayr Delicatessen in Munich.
IRMA’S shopping list for the festive season always takes her to Dallmayr Delicatessen in Munich.

Isn’t Christmas just the nicest time of the year to go food shopping? Everybody is busy and that is why you should extra carefully choose your shopping destination to enjoy buying your groceries. One of my most favorite destinations in the world is the traditional Dallmayr delicatessen store in the center of Munich. Just looking at the food stands makes you want to buy almost everything. The staff in their blue uniforms know what they are doing and always have the latest tips for making that special filet or which ham to best serve for breakfast. The house is filled with the delicious smell of freshly ground coffee beans and when you get your nicely wrapped package of foie gras or French cheeses handed over the counter, you feel like taking a treasure home with you.

I had a talk with Mrs. Sunny Randlkofer, Head of PR at Dallmayr Delicatessen, who took me on a tour around the food halls.

Which products are your must buys during the Christmas season?

There are a few and most of them are quickly served and do not require lots of cooking. For example our very own smoked salmon „Zar Alexander“ (Dallmayr Lachsmanufaktur); the Dallmayr Christkindlstollen; Elisenlebkuchen; our Dallmayr Adventskalender with a delicious daily piece of chocolate from our Dallmayr Pralinenmanufaktur; duck terrine; some small hors d’oeuvres like poulard medallions and crabmeat-stuffed tomatoes which just can be put on a nice plate and served for private cocktails with your friends.

A perfect afternoon at Dallmayr delicatessen could be like this……

Take a tour of the shop and discover delicacies from every corner of the globe. Over 70 chefs serve up specialties for our buffet which is made in-house and delivered to the 18 different counters. After your shopping tour, cherish the unique atmosphere at the Lukullus Bar. While others are still busy, you can enjoy rock oysters on ice, canapés with Beluga caviar or the Dallmayr plateau de fruits de mer and enjoy the festive season.

Which items would you suggest IRMA to put in her Christmas basket for her girlfriends to send away?

Gravad Lachs Bio (organic gravad lax)
Burgunderpunsch (Burgundy Punch)
Chocolate fondues, which come in three different kinds of chocolate
and the Ayurvedic tea quartet.

To get warm and cosy the Glühweingewürz (mulled wine spice) is perfect and theacacia honey with orange slice makes your life sweet and delicious during the cold time of the year.

Champagne Dallmayr Rosé de Saignée Grand Cru Brut is always a great giveaway when you are invited to a Christmas party.

Are there any specials going on during December?

Everyone at Dallmayr is getting ready for the festive season and everything will be prepared for the holidays, the most craziest time of the year with everyone rumbling around, trying to get everything done in time. We do offer some very special Christmas delicatessen gifts, which have been chosen wisely and were lovingly composed for our customers. To get yourself something delicious or to treat others nicely.

What is the perfect indulgence in your opinion for Christmas night?

A very special bottle of wine or champagne. Smoked salmon, delicatessen salads, pies with homemade sauce. Keep it special but simple. You should’t spend too much time in the kitchen. You should better show off your culinary effort during the next days and spend some quality time this evening with your family.

…. and for breakfast on Christmas morning?

If you and your family like truffles, you can offer boiled eggs with shaved fresh truffles – very delicious!

Do you offer any particular services during the festive season?

We offer a special delivery service during Christmas for our clients in Munich:  A roast goose with side dishes like potato dumplings and red cabbage ready to eat – “Gans to go”. Pssst! Definitely no need to tell your guests the truth about the source of it! They can still think that you’ve done it all by yourself, while you’ve secretly enjoyed some time off 😉

Oh, thank you, Mrs Randlkofer. I think that is exactly what I will do this year.

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