What are you up to this summer, Ana Cerrato?

Ana Cerrato, founder and designer of the Spanish shoe brand Cayumas, tells us what she is up to this summer.
Her life and her products are just the thing for a holiday, and she makes us fall in love with Friulanes, the elegant velvet slippers from Venice, handmade by artisans one by one in accordance with tradition, and which are probably already in your holiday suitcase. Originally created in the seventeenth century, these lightweight summer shoes became the favourite of Venetian gondoliers. This week they are launching their collaboration with Leandra Medine Cohen and her summer shoes are the perfect match for everything you have in mind for the summer.
We chatted to Ana about her summer holidays.

IRMA Where will be you spending this summer??
ANA CERRATO: This summer will be less busy than previous ones. We are going to spend the whole summer in Ibiza. This is because, firstly, last summer we travelled a lot, Tanzania, Morocco, Dominican Republic, and this summer we really want to rest, and secondly, although Cayumas will be three years old in July, this year has been the year of its take-off as an international brand, and the amount of work has increased exponentially, which leads us to the same reason as before: rest.
Ibiza is my iconic place, my muse, far away from the noise and the show, there is another, beautiful and quiet one.

Ana Cerrato, founder and designer of the Spanish shoe brand Cayumas

IRMA: Are there any personal rituals you always do when being on a summer vacation??
ANA CERRATO: There are many things that I always do as a ritual, especially when I am in Ibiza. I like to go to bed early and get up very early and do yoga. Every Saturday I go to the artisan market at the San Jordi racecourse, where locals and foreigners sell everything you can imagine, sometimes you find treasures hahaha!
But maybe what I never miss is going to watch the sunset every week, either in Benirras or Cala Comte.

Leandra Medine Cohen and her Cayumas collaboration

IRMA: What are your essentials for your skin care and feel well routine during your holidays??
ANA CERRATO: First of all, I almost never use make-up, which helps to keep the skin healthy. I use moisturising creams and vitamins. Although I change brands from time to time to allow the skin to get used to them, lately I have been using C Vitamin by Skinceuticals and the whole Dior beauty line, including the body line.

IRMA: What do you bring along?
ANA CERRATO: My packing is simple. I usually wear boho dresses, Par&escala, HORROR VACUI, zojora…
And I always wear cayumas, the Norma model for the beach, and Pagliacci and Boheme in other moments.

IRMA: The drink and food you associate mostly with your summer holidays??
ANA CERRATO: Apart from the clichés of Spanish summer food, like a good homemade gazpacho or a Spanish omelette, vegetables and fruit are always on the table, the farmer’s markets in Ibiza are amazing, you buy what they get that day, the fish and the different types of rice are always on my mind. You can eat as healthy as you want for not much money.
As for drinks, I almost never drink alcohol, but a good Burgundy wine with dinner every now and then is very satisfying.

Ana Cerrato from Cayumas

IRMA: Any books you look forward to read??
ANA CERRATO: I am a member of a women’s reading club that meets monthly in our Cayumas Flag store in Madrid. It is very interesting to meet the authors and talk about books and life with other businesswomen.
I also enjoy reading books about yoga and spirituality. At the moment I am reading ‘Light of Life’ by B.K.S. Iyengar, which is absolutely fascinating.



IRMA: What to do when in Madrid this summer?
ANA CERRATO: Madrid’s cultural life is amazing all year round, but in summer, when the locals are on holiday, the exhibitions are less crowded and easier to get to. Do not miss the Prado Museum, the Thyssen Museum or CARS. Less well known but really beautiful is the Sorolla Museum and the Royal Palace with its renovated Royal Museum of Carriages.
But the best thing to do in Madrid is to go for a walk, either in El Retiro Park or in old Madrid, and stop at one of the thousands of terraces, my favourites are the Ritz and Santo Mauro Hotel Terraces, and have a cool drink and enjoy the view.
The gastronomy is also incredible in Madrid where you can have top world restaurants and the “Tascas”, popular and more affordable prices.
The nightlife is also amazing, the people of Madrid are called cats because we live at night, haha, and discos, rooftop bars and concerts are all over the city.
Last but not least, DON’T MISS Cayumas store where the locals shop, visit us in one of the most beautiful and original shops in Madrid.

I wear cayumas all the time, the Norma model for the beach, and Pagliacci and Boheme in others moment

Ana Cerrato from Cayumas




  • Can costa (bocadillo de jamon)
  • Can balafia (good meet)
  • Bigotes (bullit de peix)
  • Número 74 is also a nice place in Santa gertrudis to eat ecológic or to make a workshop with ceramic, paint etc