INHORGENTA: Visualising the future of jewellery experiences

INHORGENTA MUNICH, Europe’s largest jewellery trade fair, will celebrate its 50th anniversary in Munich next year. The visual language and experiential aspects of INHORGENTA play a key role in attracting visitors. We caught up with Stefanie Mändlein, INHORGENTA’s Exhibition Director, to discuss the investment in visual identity and interior architecture that reflects the industry’s design standards and the emotional appeal of the products, setting the stage for a memorable show.


IRMA: How has the exhibition evolved to adapt to changing industry trends and customer preferences?
Stefanie Mändlein: INHORGENTA is Europe’s leading platform for jewellery, watches and gemstones as well as for technology and design. Here you can expe-rience new trends, establish your network with customers and partners, learn from renowned experts – and you find a lot of inspiration It’s the best place to discover opportunities and then adapt your business.

A preview of the upcoming 50th anniversary exhibition in 2024 by Stefanie Mändlein, Exhibition Director INHORGENTA

IRMA: Could you tell us a little more about how you intend to make INHORGEN-TA Munich a place where new trends and cultural movements from all over the world can be observed?
Stefanie Mändlein: Particularly clear is certainly the trend towards luxury, reflected in a strong interest – including waiting lists – by exhibitors in our halls for “Fine Jew-ellery” and “Carat”, that is, precious stones. You can also experience that more and more exhibitors are committed to a sustainable value chain. Another example is arti-ficial intelligence, which always plays an important role in our conference pro-gramme.

IRMA: In terms of international participation, how has the exhibition expanded its reach and attracted exhibitors and visitors from around the world?
Stefanie Mändlein: This year’s INHORGENTA was more international than ever, with 40 percent of the visitors coming from abroad, from 90 countries. The interna-tional share of exhibitors was even higher, with 49 percent coming from abroad, from 38 countries.

New colour coding at INHORGENTA

IRMA: How do you approach young talent that showcases its work mainly inter-nationally via social media to take part at INHORGENTA?
Stefanie Mändlein: INHORGENTA offers a fantastic network with brands as well as technology and gemstone companies, with experts from all fields. You can also learn from the retailers. We have a special exhibition area for visionary design. And I invite them to participate in the Inhorgenta Award – even a nomination will give them a boost.

IRMA: You have invested a lot in the CI as well as interior architecture for an overall visual language of the show. Why do you think the visualisation today and the experience of visiting INHORGENTA will be so important in the future?
Stefanie Mändlein: Every trade fair thrives on personal contact and inspiring expe-riences. This is especially true of INHORGENTA. We will breathe new life into this claim with many new elements in all halls. It is equally important that our new brand identity reflects the unique design standards of the industry and the emotional ap-peal of the products in a strong and self-confident way throughout the show.

Niessen jewellery at the INHORGENTA preview

IRMA: Why do you think people like to invest in value/ jewellery in these times?
Stefanie Mändlein: It’s the beauty, the fascination of craftsmanship, the strong emo-tional connection and the lasting value. Very often jewellery becomes part of our family history. Jewellery is passion!

Trend colours of 2024

IRMA: How would you describe your personal style when wearing jewellery?
Stefanie Mändlein: I do not limit myself to one style. It can be very different depend-ing on the occasion and my mood of the day.

Niessen jewellery at the INHORGENTA preview
Niessen jewellery at the INHORGENTA preview

IRMA: Looking ahead to the 50th anniversary of INHORGENTA Munich in 2024, what exciting plans or special celebrations can we expect to see during this milestone year?
Stefanie Mändlein: The whole show will be a very special event. We will create an atmosphere everywhere, including get-togethers, Instagram moments, installations, showpieces, as well as an upgrade of the food and beverage areas. And I would like to invite everyone to celebrate with us on the first evening of the fair in the West Entrance, it will be a fabulous party!

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