Holidays with books

Hard to imagine how we will go on vacation in the near future. One thing is for sure, a vacation home rental could be a safe and relaxing option wherever you travel.

We looked at, a collection of very carefully selected homes for rent that have great architecture, design sense and living warmth to make a stay at one of their offered properties a transformation of how you will vacation.
Boutique Homes 1,800 properties include homes by noted architects and designers from around the world, such as Benjamin Cox, Herbert Kreisler, R.F Schindler, Frank Lloyd Wright, and several properties have won prestigious design awards.
The concept is by invite-only and they admit that they choose carefully but humbly.
Their presented properties are the jewels of a lifelong treasure hunt. A team of artists and writers love to tell the stories of these homes through words and images. It is already a pleasure to go on a digital house tour.

IRMA selected her favourite homes which are significantly filled with books to create not only a warm atmosphere, but which give you stories to tell when you come back home and books to read while you are there. Remember: books give you wings and living with books makes you fly. Happy holidays soon to come in these beautiful, selected homes by Boutiquehomes.

BAHIA LOFT, Milan Italy. Picture ©


NOMAD HOUSE, Essaouira, Marocco. Picture © ​


MAISON BERGDORF, Interlaken, Switzerland. Picture © ​


CASA FLORE, Lumio Corsica, France. Picture © ​


LA BARRA B&B Punta del Este, Uruguay. Picture © ​