IRMAS April beauty edit

In April we are waiting for summer to come, which usually takes longer than we thought. Sometimes it even snows and your skin feels dry and rushed or it is already very warm and some of us have to fight against pollen and dry air which is noticeable on your skin and hair.
Therefore, we selected some beauty products that make sense in April, no matter the weather.

ASPARAGUS, for cleansing and detox

Applying asparagus extract to your skin will cleanse it. It also can help treat acne. The vitamins C and E improve the skin tone as well. Vitamin C, especially, nourishes the skin and prevents skin dryness. You can create your own toner and add some lemon juice which will make it last for two days.
If you eat lots of asparagus you also drain your skin and get rid of toxins, of course only when dispense La Sauce Hollandaise.


ROYAL FERN BY DR: TIMM GOLUEKE, Phytoactive Skin Perfection Essence

Especially when the air is dry and pollen are throughout the air we like to mist our face with moisturizer more often.
I recommend adding a spray attachment to use the Royal Fern essence several times during the day for a period of time in spring. Fruit acids and fern extract, gently exfoliate and refines the skin and creates a soft moisturizing filter to protect and nourish your skin at the same time. Use as a cure several time during the day, do not exceed a period of two week when using it several times daily.


This product was developed together with the university of Paris to create a firming body and contouring cream which you massage into the skin in the morning and at night.
The ingredients manage to work actively in combination with movement and circulation during daytime and in a stage of rest during the night .
A scent of natural ingredients like essentials oils of lavender, salve, majoram and rosemary make this home treatment a relaxing experience for your beauty routine.

RETROUVÉ, Revitalizing Eye Concentrate

The area around the eye seems the most delicate in spring. Still very dry from the harsh winter air this part of your face needs special hydration by a synergy of super – rich ingredients, such as squalene, jojoba oil and cocoa butter that makes the skin bright and alive use I this balm concentrate also on my lips and neck at night.



Eight different shades of Rose Hermès silky blush, two different brushes and three rosy lip enhances are the latest addition to the Hermès Beauty collection and also an addition of durable objects which not only look beautiful in your handbag but give you an instant glow wherever you are.