Urban Caftan dressing by Casa Nata

Jasmin wears a ZEN Dress in warm grey, Dhobi Pants and carrè together with two black and white fold bag, all by Casa Nata. Sunglasses by Cartier, chain by COS, slip-ons by Hermès.


We are wondering what will happen when temperatures drop again and most of us (depending where you live) can no longer wear a caftan around, or could we?

But maybe by then we are already tired of this bohemian dress code which seems to be all around this summer.

Some of us look as if daily holidays are a must and the beach is just around the corner, although most times its far away.

Bright colour matches, fringes, gypsy loops and raffia bags are what we might have enough off by now although we admit the constant vacation mode you are getting from a breezy Kaftans is something one could get used to.

We looked around and found a more urban way of Caftan dressing on hot summer days in the city and still keep it elegant and sleek.


This is how IRMA would style her caftan in town

  1. Go for an extra-long, lean cut with a material that makes you feel instantly good. The cut is more important than applications, print or texture. Like this you go away from the beach look and make your outfit chic for the city.
  2. The raffia bag has to move over, at least until winter when it`s cool again to match raffia to Harris Tweed. For now, take classic totes in simple shapes and colours that are practical and can be worn both ways, XL as Shopping bags or XS as a clutch if you just carry little things around. Two make a perfect match for your needs.
  3. The jewellery is rather geometric and edgy. No coloured stones, pearls or fathers. Use a fine gold or silver statement piece to underline elegance and urban vibe.
  4. Keep it flat when you think about shoes, to make this look rather effortless, no heels needed when running errand or just strolling around
  5. Always take a scarf with you, to compliment or match colour and of course to make use of. Bind your hair together with a scarf to a pony tail bow. Or use it as a cape when it is getting chilly at night. Knotted around your bag it also gives a nice accent on the go.
  6. Your beauty care should be effortless and clean, glowy skin and hair that shines are a must. Maybe a rose dipped lipstick or a hint of bronzer, but again rather elegant than Boho.


V-Dress, Casa Nata
V-Dress Caftan, Casa Nata
Tie Pants, Casa Nata
Fold bag, Casa Nata
Fold Bag, Casa Nata
Cartier Eyewear Collection


Pendulum Kette, Natasha Schweitzer





We like to thank CASA NATA, for the inspiration of this fashion story by IRMA