Hosting a Summer Dinner for IRMA’S Rosé

IRMA’S Wine, Summer Dinner

The other week we celebrated with a circle of friends IRMA’S new Rosé wine which Jasmin has created in spring for the new online wine merchant platform Wine-A-Porter.

It was a sunny summer day in Munich and we had cold antipasti, chilled rose and for desert not less than homemade ice cream. We kept it simple with the food and enjoyed the Rosé. Most emphasis was put in the table decoration which was supposed to bring in all the flavours from the gardens of Aix-en-Provence where the Rosé had been created together with a sommelier by Jasmin this spring.

Putting dinner parties together holds off most of us unless we have a special reason to celebrate but in fact it is much easier and so much more pleasant than meeting your friends on large tables in restaurants.

IRMA’S Wine, Summer Dinner, table setting

Read IRMA´S Tips on how to keep it simple and good.

  • Start with the food & beverage and make it as easy as possible. Order different salads from your favourite deli or have a private chef from India cook one of your most liked dishes. Key is simplicity, just one focus and one topic, do not try to please everyone. Same with the wine, beer or champagne, you make a choice.
  • Create a motto around the evening that built a frame to make the evening unforgettable. Think of all aspects from season, guests, beverage & food and decoration to lightening, the more aspects fulfil your concept the more your evening motto becomes a statement. For example, Burger & Beer Party, Napoli Pizza night, Dim Sums all kinds, ice Cream parade, etc.
  • Start with the invitation, make it special, a WhatsApp won’t do or if so add a visual like a found photograph, drawing or collage that communicate the motto of the night.
  • Decoration is key and when and where you want to celebrate. Don’t lose yourself in a complicated to do lists but rather use what is already there, what is easy to get and how can to put it all together. A simple checklist helps and if you need help ask your friends to participate, bake a cake instead of bringing flowers or have them create the decoration with a motto, for example bring along your favourite plant.
  • The evening should be fun for you, so place the food either directly on the table on beautiful platters or built a buffet that looks stunning. No service needed, which brings in too much of an impersonal get together. As said keep it simple and help yourself.
  • Lest but not last, look stunning have a glass of Rosé before your guest arrive, your favourite play list on and enjoy the evening.


IRMA’S Wine, Summer Dinner
IRMA’S Wine,Summer Dinner, Fornasetti Candle


IRMA’S Wine Rosé