Travel light

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IRMA makes travelling easy and focuses just on the fun part of it. We selected some little helpers that can make your dreams come true without a lot of effort – whether you want to be a globetrotter and have an apartment in every favourite city of yours or if you just like to travel in luxury at affordable prices.

Make a note of these sides and let them be your private Concierge when you are planning your next trip.

Take a private jet

What could be more decadent then flying in your own plane? You can charter the whole thing, or just buy a seat (sometimes for not more than $99!), for example with Jetsuite. We admit, it is not something we need for our every holiday, BUT it is cheaper than we thought and might be real fun for a very special occasion like weddings, family reunions etc. and I finally look like a part-time model or rockstar.

Book the perfect hotel for a group trip

Thanks to Skipper, it is easy to plan trips for larger groups. A special feature of Skipper: it gives recommendations for the kind of trip you are planning – friends, family, art camp, bachelor party etc. – helps you find the right hotel and book it.

Rent a boat

In the summer, everybody wants a boat, but who wants to do the maintenance… Get my Boat offers boat rentals in over 154 countries and sometimes even packages with water sports. All the fun and none of the responsibility that comes with a boat.

Find the best  restaurants, bars etc.

Gogobot is an app that is like an online word-of-mouth platform with a GPS-enabled “what’s nearby” geo-search feature for restaurants, bars, shops, etc. as well as a very helpful feature: the TRIBE option filters suggestions based on your interests. It’s like for what to see/do/eat.

Swap houses all over the world

Now you can relive the movie “The Holiday” and swap homes for free… I so like this idea to have an open door all over the world and in return open my own door for someone else. Through you can explore and swap homes with people in 160 countries. No guarantee for a romance with Jude Law, though…