5 things that will change your life for the better

Times are stressful, our lives are hectic. We constantly find ourselves striving and struggling and getting stuff done instead of really living. It’s all to easy to overlook the beauty of life. We took some time off and planned ahead what on earth we can do to make the most out of it, relax our body and nourish our soul.

Here are five places that help you take a break and do something good for yourself (and for the world we are living in), from a stunning new spa resort to a simple healthy juice break. Let IRMA open her address book for you.


1. Shot, London

For clean food and cold-pressed juices, visit this new juicery and health bar on 23/23A Bride Lane in London’s St. Paul neighbourhood. Juices are as healthy as they are delicious and come in such flavour combinations as pineapple-cucumber-cayenne or carrot-apple-ginger. Hungry? Then don’t leave without a salmon-nori wrap or a mackerel beetroot salad for plenty of protein and vitamins.


2. Canyon Ranch, Bodrum, Turkey

Canyon Ranch opened their original property in Tucson, Arizona, almost 40 years ago. Since then the name has become synonymous as a luxury wellness destination. For its first international location, the company chose Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera. These are stressful times, and people need a healing place more than ever. Set in stunning natural surrounding on the Mediterranean, Canyon Ranch is such a place.


3. Detox Salon, Las Vegas

IRMA talked to Stacey from the eco-friendly Detox Salon about how it makes the world a better place (besides that it obviously gives women a lovely haircut 😉

“Everything we do at Detox Salon is done with great respect for the place we call home. We try to be as environmentally responsible as possible by utilizing only energy efficient tools and appliances, only allowing non-toxic products to be utilized in the salon, being mindful of the methods that waste is recycled, offering paperless booking and receipt systems, using glass and biodegradable packaging, being a hair collection source for oil spills, and actively seeking out green suppliers, technologies and products. We believe in always working towards adopting new practices and principles that protect our people, our planet and our furry friends!”


4. Rootfoot oils & textiles

People have always looked to plants for natural healing due to their therapeutic properties. Essential oils can also soothe and relax, to heal and inspire or to uplift and restore energy. We love Rootfoot’s organic and wildcrafted essential oils as well as the Colorado-based company’s new Rachel Weisberg collection of necklaces and organic textiles with hand-dip dyes.


5. PH7 Nail Salon, Brooklyn

Enough with the mani-pedi appointments, where the toxic fumes make you get light-headed and you feel bad for the poor nail technician inhaling it all day long. For an eco-friendly, non-toxic and guilt-free salon experience, visit this upscale nail salon in Williamsburg (227 Grand Street) with a selection of high-end, non-toxic polishes. Relax with a cup of organic herbal tea and let your nails enjoy the treatment with essential oils, shea butter and a heavenly massage.