Happy holidays – and how to get the best out of it


Don’t forget your holiday high lights which make the best time of the year even more enjoyable. Sailer cotton hat and shades by PRADA, your favorite book, drinking bottle by H&M, suede mules with pearls by Miu Miu

Follow these five tips by IRMA and come back home with recharged batteries and a new way of life.

Leave your smart phone in your hotel room and focus on your favourite book or magazine. A recent study shows that we have less interest in developing a hobby and it has probably something to do with the permanent news and picture flow we are getting on our social media. You will notice the digital detox already after 24 hours and I promise it will give you a new perspective and more time for something else which you might have not done for a very long time.

Indulge your taste buds in something new, it will also be a holiday for your entire digestive system. Eat according to the region you are traveling to and not to your usual habits. Try new herbs and seasonings and experiment with new flavours.

3.    NO PLAN
At least for one day you should just flow with whatever comes to your mind. Make no plans and try to focus on the moment and not on what you COULD or SHOULD do. Your daily routine needs a break, and there is no better time to do this than during vacation.

When was the last time you actually did absolutely nothing? Our parents always said that they spent hours daydreaming, talking to themselves while nobody was around or just staring into a beautiful landscape. It might feel strange at first but you will be rewarded with bright ideas or just the comfort of inner rest and peace. Remember: The best ideas need a blank mind.

…or bring something home which will prolong your holiday. You will probably do that anyways without even thinking about it. We are talking not only about things like souvenirs, but also about that special holiday feel. Try to think at least five minutes a day about your nicest holiday moment and keep on doing it as long as possible.

Enjoy your summer holiday!

Aufmacher Foto
On holiday IRMA takes with her the set of three envelopes made from goat leather in different colors and the long silver chain with cross, both by Hermès