This Prada jacket is perfect when it gets a little chilly

JK from IRMASWORLD in a jacket by Prada and vintage Chanel shoes, bag by Prada

A jacket is always the first piece of garment I buy in autumn. This year they come checkered, glossed, quilted, oversized or somewhere in between. No matter what you choose, make it your most comfortable piece to wear which will influence your entire look or just makes you feel wonderful even with nothing more spectacular than a white T-shirt underneath.


  • Extra large is good because it will get colder and you can wear a warm sweater or cardigan underneath or go for super small and fitted and wear a trenchcoat on top when it rains.
  • Think of a perfect colour which flatters your skin tone and maybe has a coloured detail that gives an extra glow to your face. Colour matters and when you make a choice, do it in daylight, never in the changing room.
  • Is your jacket water resistant? Will it rain a lot where you live? Velvet or mohair is a trend but only makes sense if you have many more jackets. Make sure the material is water resistant in some way and easy to take care of.
  • Think of proportions and try out different lengths. A bolero-style short jacket can make legs look longer (if they are already long and slim). Petite figures can wear XXL jackets very well because it gives contrast of shape that can create elegance. Bigger sizes should go for WELL fitted (not too tiny) looks always proper, rather than wearing tents.
  • Watch out for stylish applications or buttons with delicate materials, Swarowski stones or ornaments. Unless you have enough cash for special dry cleaners, this should not be your choice and just think about loosing it, the chic aspect might be gone.
Stella McCartney
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