Beauty salon cabins are the place to be this autumn

No news, right? Of course autumn is the perfect time to make an appointment with your beautician. First, because you want to refuel your skin after lots of sun tans and secondly there is nothing better to imagine than spending some hours at your favourite beauty brand Day Spa being pampered by the expert with the latest nectar for your facial beauty.

IRMA checked out the BABOR beauty spa and here are all her tips on how to get perfectly prepped into heaven on earth, enjoying all the benefits while you are there and extending your summer glow for the longest time. Voilà!


Think of the perfect timing for your appointment. When is the time your body wants to relax and rest? For me it is never in the morning when I like to be busy but rather in the late  afternoon, it fits perfectly in my bio rhythm.

Take a hot bath before you go to your treatment, use your favourite body lotion, oil and powders to be surrounded by the scents that you love.

Do not rush, but take your time. Maybe you can walk to the spa, or even run to it in your comfy sportswear, lying down to relax would be a double treat.

Take your iPod with you with the music YOU want to listen to, or maybe it is just the sound of waves ( add download )

Take warm cashmere socks and a special foot cream with you and treat your feet to an extra rest while soaking up some moisturizer and keeping warm throughout the treatment.


BABOR will take care of you, believe me they know how. The PERFECT GLOW TREATMENT, for example, uses the new BABOR Ampoule Elixir PERFECT GLOW which gives an instantly healthy complexion and deeply moisturizes your skin while cacao peptides prevent free radicals. The following face massage activates the tissue to a maximum so the Ampoule Concentrate can work its best possible way through.

If your skin typ rather needs a matting effect, there is the new MATTE FINISH Ampoule which is also the perfect call for an SOS treatment at home with an instant matte effect, thanks to microspheres which absorb excess sebum. The concentrate of course comes to use during the BABOR INSTANT MATTE TREATMENT. But before that the BABOR beautician is going to balance oily skin with a gentle cleanser with herb-extracts and Aachener thermal-water which tones the skin and strenghtens the skin barrier. Because a less stressed barrier produces less sebum.


Use some aromatherapy mint oil and take a deep breath after the treatment, it is an instant wake-up call – in a nice way.

Choose your favourite ampoules and ask your beautician which one to use for which day. Or if you only want to use one type, when is the best time to use it. Ask as many questions as you can while getting dressed again. The beautician knows your skin best after a treatment and is happy to give you lots of tips.

Walk home, or even better through a park, don’t take the bike in winter, it would be to harsh for your skin which is extra delicate after a treatment.

Have some light food that you might have even made before at home or visit your favourite healthy restaurant for hot soup and lots of liquid. That is what you need now, the more the better. Think skin food.

Order a hot ginger lemonade, as it will increase circulation and help your glow-treatment.



Made possible with the kind support of Babor.