The IRMA June Beauty Edit

The moth of June is all about apricots. It is the colour of the sky that matches that fruit ideally and we want to nourish our skin with only the purest and richest of ingredients. Not only for our skin care but as well when it comes to Make-Up, which is almost no make-up during the summer months.

Here comes our edit of most wanted for the month of June:



Imagine a make-up that nourishes your skin in the most natural colour shades. The Dahlia Variabilis flower extract is the base of all make up items in the new launched Korean beauty brand Dear Dahlia. Clean, vegan and loaded with nutritious ingredients which are especially useful to our skin during summer . All ingredients are certified organic and have an ultimate long lasting colour performance. A perfect match for your summer Make-Up.



This fruit has it all, from anti-ageing to lowering liver inflammation. Apricots promote collagen production and skin elasticity thanks to a cocktail of phytonutrients and vitamins C and A. That is why apricot kernel oil has become hugely popular among dermatologists. It also dates right back to Indian rituals, and the oil itself is proven to protect against UV damage and environmental pollutants.



Nars is all about pure pigments and most products have multiple functions for lips, cheeks and eyes, which make these Make-Up  goodies perfect when travelling and going on a summer holiday. The nail polish has a perfect brush to apply easily nail colour and we love especially all shades of orange and red.


Pick a bouquet of flowers in pink and orange, there is no better match for summer and the smell of lilies and peonies is all about the beginning of summer.



A perfect match for face and body skin care while enjoying a Bain de Soleil. With their plant extract skin care concept, you will look glowy and revived after a day at the beach with a golden tan and hydrated skin. Matching perfectly our bucket totes by Irmasworld.



Take your lanes whenever you can; Water, air and sun are your best beauty ingredients during summer, and you should take advantage of them. We love to swim in Hermès maillot de bain which are so light that they have a perfect fit. It feels like swimming almost naked. Merci!