Living by the sea

How come that everything seems to be different, simply better, living by the sea?
The way we breath and look, our inner balance matching hide and tide, the way we consume food, much often in a much healthier way and the way we live in general and also how we design our interior. Whether it is a shack or a beach side villa, there is an effortless style to it that makes living by the see simply easier.

Large sliding doors and windows remove the boundaries between, interior and exterior. Picture from “Life’s a Beach” Gestalten 2021.

Gestalten Publishing took this topic for their latest book, that covers a range of beach side houses with much inspiration and styling ideas, not only for your beach house. This way of living presents an entire lifestyle, that just looking by it relaxes your mind.
Why don’t we just copy all this, eat the catch of the day, go for a daily swim and work outside in the shadow of a tree. Life would be so much easier. And although we know all this and most times, we feel fully recharged and happy after a beach holiday, we keep forgetting that life at the beach is simply better.

One of my favourite beach restaurants in Mallorca is in Cala Deia, Ca`s Patró March. Picture by


A McKinley-designed mahogany couch sits across from blue and red
vintage armchairs. TOP A small wooden coatrack and shelf holds books and
beach-going paraphernalia. Picture from “Life’s a Beach” Gestalten 2021


Work of art, found at the Cala Deia, Mallorca,  to remind you to keep your beaches clean and proper. Picture by irmasworld


The home’s cement and steel structure allows the outdoor deck to be sheltered from the elements. Picture from “Life is a Beach” Gestalten 2021.


A swim a day keeps the doctor away. I believe this comes close to reality when you follow more or less a heathy lifestyle. Picture by


Living by the sea also stimulates your creativity and boosts your creative output.
Picture by Irmasworld

The new book LIFE’S A BEACH, HOMES, RETREATS, AND RESPITE BY THE SEA , available from the 8th of July.