The healing forces of a country house

I have thought a lot about moving to the country lately. But believe me, it is really difficult to decide on a place in the vicinity of Munich. The landscape is so beautiful everywhere.

This weekend we spent the evening in my friend Philipp’s chalet. It is located near Tegernsee, surrounded by meadows, old trees and a beautiful lush garden with quince trees.

As you know I am a big fan of small escapes from everyday life and this is best done by spending a weekend in the country.

Here are some ideas for getting lost.



Design the interior completely differently from your urban home. Over-decoration is fine, selected curios, artifacts, fine china and objets trouvés are the key to dreaming while you sit by the fireplace and soak up the good life.


Drink and dine like a hunter. Enjoy the subtleties of good food, served on a porcelain or ceramic plate that will transport you to another time.


Philipp is a master when it comes to discovering foods I’ve never seen before, like this purple lavender cheese or the basil-enriched mountain cheese and homemade, caramelized lemon tard with a slight addition of Kukuma.


We love the civilized details in a country house, the contrast between rustic and elegant. Why not a touch of French (macarons) and as many candles as possible?


Yes, you sleep like a baby when you spend the night in the country. The air is fresh when the window is opened and the bedding is like a cloud, especially when handcrafted, embroidered and supplied with the finest fabric. A perfect contrast to these antique peasant beds, separate for him and her.


Smoked fish is a classic around Tegernsee. (go to Tegernsee fishery, in Tegernsee).
All you need is to add some fresh horseradish, whole-grain toasted bread, and a glass of chilled white wine or Ruinart champagne.


Can you imagine when your home entertainment involves reading books, drawing a still life sketch from a bouquet of flowers, or just listening to music? What seems like a long time ago and is again a perfect relaxation mode.