Is black coming just in time ?

Black can be humorous and black can be peaceful, although it is rather known as cool and distant. When both components come together and you´ll get the best creative people to work with their favourite colour, you get something like this:


Ceramic Art by Marie Lautrou, her objects have a sense of humour in a very elegant way. She works in all shades of black and calls herself a slow ceramic artist. Her work reminds us of sculptures that are more than simple objects.


JIL SANDER SS21 faces reality

Their new collection responds to some of the shifts we’re all living through, with more time at home and fewer social engagements to buy for. We very much agree.


FOOD ART by Balbosté

Found by the two creatives Sayaka Kaneko and Charlotte Sitbon, Balbosté, fine food has a new meaning. We love their fortune cookies in light black and of course much more of their food collection.


Marine Jewellery.

We love the jewels by Mia Larsson, who is known for her fine jewellery she creates out of oysters, clams and shells. You would not guess that this necklace is made out of oyster shells. We also love the recycling aspect of this jewelley designer.



Chanel might just want to just keep on dreaming and creates a cinematic show that is based around the cinematic women. Black eye shadow is key.

A Tipp by Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Make-up Artist and Colour Designer: “To make the eye shadow look almost three dimensional and strong, put a base of LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL on your eye lid before applying the eye shadow.”