Black palms the label. How to start a successful online brand

The XL trend has been building up since some time now. Watching last shows in Milan and Paris it was a clear direction to move clothes from tailored fitted to loos and comfy. That might due to the current situation, where comfort is key, and coolness comes effortless. A small online label from the Munich region built its style around that concept long before it was trend. We had a chad with the founder Sandra Ebert .

IRMA: You have been one of the first influencer labels to combine jewellery and fashion. Tell us more about your initial idea?
SANDRA EBERT: Actually, we didn’t have a big idea or a plan when we started black palms the label. We, my brother Maxi and I, didn’t really know what we wanted to make – all we knew for sure was that we wanted to create the perfect white oversized T-Shirt. But pretty soon we realised, we would need much more money to do that than what we had available seven years ago. So instead we founded a fashion and lifestyle blog to see if my style would succeed.

After the blog generated the first money, our new venture was born, Maxi and I invested 400€ to buy our first necklaces which we assembled in our living room and sold online. People liked our products and our style, so we opened an online shop for our jewellery.
Since then my brother has left our company and the new project kept evolving. Finally, we took a second leap on the oversized t-shirt topic! It felt great to come back to our very first idea and being able to bring it to life without borrowing money.


Black palms the label, known for their XL style sweatshirts made from soft cotton. VIKI necklace and AMANDA Hoop in gold plated.


IRMA: How did that idea develop? Describe your concept today, seven years later.
SANDRA EBERT: We started very unprofessional and were a little naïve. The whole brand and the concept behind it grew naturally over time. Today I would say we are a brand that combines the key components of the fashion world: High quality basics and the special twist. Our motto “rough – noble – high quality” applies to all of our work, both clothing and jewellery . But at the end of the day we offer great products at affordable prices.

OBVIOUSLY OVERSIZED signature Tee and KEEP IT SIMPLE hoop, CHIC bracelet and HARMONIE cuff in a wooden ball by Schönbuch x Irmasworld.


IRMA: You are brought up and live on the countryside in Bavaria, and you love nature and the outdoors. How does that influence your aesthetic of design?
SANDRA EBERT: I don’t really know if nature really has such a strong influence on my idea of design and aesthetics. Being outdoors helps me to calm down, collect myself and forge new ideas.
And what cannot be denied is that I love natural colours, they are always my favourite.

DIANA and the DANA dress in cream.


IRMA: Your Style is XXL, effortless, and super cosy. It seems like you are pushing all the right buttons in regards to what customers look for in fashion right now. I guess this was not planned.
SANDRA EBERT: I’m honest – we never expected to do so well, and we are so grateful for where we are now.
Our trademark XXL and oversized has been a trend for a while now which played very well into our hands. The people love and feel the oversized look and to see this makes us so happy. Everyone who followed my blog and Instagram over the past years knows I’m the biggest fan of jogging pants and combining comfort and style. My preference has been adopted by many others and is currently one of the biggest trends. So no, I guess I can say this was not planned but I love how it turned out!


HONEY hoodie and JOJO joggers and AMANDA Hoop, KEEP IT SIMPLE hoop and HARMONIE hoops and cuff, CHIC bracelet, VIKI necklace and AMANDA hoop placed in the wooden bowl by Schönbuch x IRMA.


IRMA: What is the next garment/ piece you are currently working on?
SANDRA EBERT: At the moment, we are finalising the last pieces for Autumn/Winter 2020 and planning the big campaign shooting. At the same time, we are also preparing the first pieces for Spring/Summer 2021. We want to step back from the traditional idea of collections throughout a year. We prefer working by smaller product drops, for example next month we will launch a small selection of knitwear styles and jackets.
With this launch we will also present our CAMERON Trench Coat, the most challenging style for us so far. CAMERON is of course super oversized with special details made from the most beautiful Cotton/Tencel fabric.


OBVIOUSLY OVERSIZED Tee Rebel and DIANA dress on top , combined with CHIC bracelets. Right side: VIKI Necklace, HARMONIE Hoops, HARMONIE Cuff, AMANDA Hoop and CHIC Bracelet.


IRMA: Most materials you use are soft and super cosy, how important is body consciousness for you ? And do you think that wearing soft, smooth materials will make you feel more comfortable?
SANDRA EBERT: One of the most important topics for us at black palms the label is well-being. And well-being is the key to body consciousness for me! The same garment worn by different people will look completely different depending how the wearer feels inside of it. You have to feel your clothes in order to make them work for you. And this is only possible when you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

You will find the collection
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