The Base – prime or prep make-up

I am not a make-up girl, although I am obsessed with colours, textures, little jars and boxes. Some summers ago I started to understand that make-up is not the only thing that gives you the glow, a defined eye or a rosy cheek. It is all about how you start, how you prep and prime your face, body, hair and nails.

I experimented a bit with lighter colours of cheek powder, primers and base coats and found out that during the high summer months I do not need much more. I give my skin a rest, a perfect treat and get all the benefits.

Have a look into my make-up pouch



A nude tone with a hint of antique rose makes a perfect pout.

TOM FORD Illuminating Primer
Just use a drop on each cheekbone and one in the middle of your lips


TOM FORD Illuminating Powder Duo
I use it all over my face a couple of times during the day whenever my skin looks dull.

TOM FORD Bronzing Powder
I like the one which comes with a matte finish (it also exists in a shimmery version). I use it not only all over my face but also on décolleté and legs. Once the summer is over I know I will probably not use it anymore, so I can be generous!

CHRISTIAN DIOR Crème d’Abricot
This classic beauty product which thank God never lost its beautiful colour and packaging is a must for nourishing your nails. It smells sensational and is rich in texture.

CHRISTIAN DIOR Base Coat Abricot
This base coat is so pretty in colour you do not need nail polish on top especially when your skin is tanned.

TOM FORD Ultra Lengthening Mascara
It has the perfect brush which takes each lash separately and soaks it in deep black mascara.

DIOR Show Maximizer 3D
This is the perfect mascara base which nourishes each of your lashes. The deep white texture is like a white canvas, so whichever colour of mascara you use will be brighter and more intense.DIOR-Mascara-Diorshow_MaximizerCHANEL La Base

This nail base is full of goodies: Vitamin E with lots of antioxidants, Argan oil for stronger nails and Silicium which fills any creases in your nails and creates a smooth surface.