Taking off with these flight news

Air travel can be tedious, especially when you are travelling long-distance. But there are also ways to take out the stress so that you arrive at your destination relaxed and well rested. Here are a few novelties that make air travel easier and much more fun these days.

IRMA checks in with her new Rimowa electronic tag trolley
IRMA checks in with her new Rimowa electronic tag trolley

Rimowa electronic tag
German high-end luggage manufacturer Rimowa has developed an electronic luggage tag which displays baggage information on a digital screen built into the suitcase and located near the handle. The e-tag even has the same look and size as a typical paper label. So while everyone with a smartphone can check into a flight and secure a boarding pass from home these days, you are still forced to stand in line to check your bags. Not if you have luggage with an electronic tag. Simply send the digital boarding info via Bluetooth from your smartphone to your suitcase before leaving home. Once you arrive at the airport, you simply hand it off at the airline’s automated check-in station.

2. On Board shower at EMIRATES

Shower spas at 40,000 feet
If money is not an issue, maybe you should fly with Emirates, which has introduced private suites with spa showers in first class of all Emirates A380 superjumbo aircraft. In addition to plenty of other luxuries, you can now freshen up using one of two on-board “shower spa suites”. These are equipped with heated flooring, a full range of toiletries, a hair dryer, large white towels and Bulgari perfumes. While the shower time limit is five minutes, you can spend 30 minutes in the bathroom enjoying yourself above the clouds.

If you don’t know this app yet, it’s about time you get to know it. Available as a website and an app, it lets travellers secure the best seats on their flights. Not all planes are created equal, so it’s not always easy knowing which seats are the best. 32K could be fabulous; it could also be that seat next to the bathroom, with a seat back that doesn’t recline. SeatGuru has mapped out the seating chart of every commercial plane and marked which seats to grab and which to avoid. Just enter your flight information and SeatGuru will mark which seats have more legroom, better armrests or more room for your luggage.

3. Special Moisturizing Mask at ANA

ANA amenity kit with face mask and aroma cards
Sometimes it really pays off to fly business-class because you will arrive at your destination relaxed and well-rested. This is definitely the case with Japan’s All Nippon Airways, whose recently enhanced business-class service offers a uniquely Japanese flying experience. In addition to the flawless service, it includes a beautifully stocked amenity kit. Standing out among the Japanese beauty products are in particular the face masks and aroma cards that can be crushed by pressing the “Push” button to release aromas that will help you relax and feel refreshed. The scent patch is pasted on a business card size card which you can either place in your shirt pocket or near your pillow.