The art of socializing during a quarantine

Socializing starts at home with your family, animals and maybe neighbours. Find a way that is pleasant, safe and entertaining all at the same time.

The right atmosphere is key to have a successful gathering. Music, flowers, table setting and also table talks lead the way to a successful gathering.

Water infused with exotic , eatable flowers, Carafe by Meissen.


Next step is to go outside and meet with small groups of friends.

IRMA Face Mask made from Pierre Frey fabric

Enjoy already the prep time, like for example premixing cocktails at home or getting matching napkins to your throw away plates and cups and of course getting read yourself.

Colour Palette and make up by Francois Nars.


There comes make-up, keep it simple , glowing and natural these days. We like the new colour palette by Francois Nars in beige and coral hues. Wear your favourite jewellery, yes it can bling even when meeting for a beer on a park bench with friends.

Piaget Possession watch with a turquoise leather band and possession bangles.


These little things have a huge impact on your mood and social distance getting back together again.

When it comes to food, alfresco dining is the answer, pre-prep plates that have it all mixed together already, like a pasta salat for example.

Buckwheat noodles with Edamame, cherry tomatoes, rocket salat, radicchio and virgin olive oil.

And please bring your own crystal glass or drink out of the bottle. A cocktail, wine or beer just does not taste right out of a plastic cup.


Strawberry Sponge cake.

And cakes and deserts should have a wow effect and maybe match your dress (mine is by Prada summer 2020)

Have a mask made matching your favourite summer dress. Contact us at

And most important, do not forget your masks or make it a motto mask party with your favourite theme. You can also surprise your guests with a mask as a personal goody bag take home gift, a perfect souvenir of Summer 2020 . Have a nice weekend.