Your Home Spa is finally best equipped

It must have been weeks that you have seen your beauty therapist. The good thing about staying at home is that we learn to help ourselves and that being your own beauty therapist can be also fun.  Which does not mean that we no longer visit our favourite facialist.
There are many possibilities to stock up and create your own home spa from LED light therapy, Makeover Apps or smart mirrors.

We selected the tools you actually need to get started and who make your daily beauty routine quick and easy with noticeable results.



The FOREO UFO comes with a selection of masks that can be used individually for different purposes.

The Swedish brand’s signature technology makes a difference and this rather small beauty tool is also perfect for traveling as you have many features in one gadget and their signature masks are easy to pack. The handheld Foreo Ufo device offers an array of customizable skin-care treatments including hot and cold therapy, LED light therapy, and even massage. But the best part is, that it is powered by its own Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app to make the device even more intuitive and customized for your skin type. The Ufo customized masks take care of the rest and make your skin feel renewed already after the first time of use.
IRMA’s TIPP: Take your UFO in your handbag, no need to go home before going out, just add the appropriate mask and refresh your make up.



Foreo Issa Toothbrush in pale pink with my favourite toothpaste, Marvis.

This toothbrush not only looks good, but it is also good for our environment as it lasts for one entire year on a single charge and the brush head only needs replacement every six months.
The technique works differently as well. In contrast to the rotating bristle brush, the Issa 2 uses a silicone brush that matches the bright colour of its handle with pulsing technology that Foreo claims is 35 times cleaner than brushes with regular bristles.
Try it and you will notice whiter teeth after a few usages .

I still floss my teeth after each usage.




The Obsidian stone face roller by Susanne Kaufmann has energetic properties by enhancing the flow of life energy.

The manual face roller is not a new beauty tool, it has been used since over 5,000 years to increase circulation, extract the skin of toxins and smoothen fine lines. Susanne Kaufmann’s tool is designed by her renowned architect brother Oskar Leo Kaufmann, who used hand-cut black obsidian stone traditionally believed to relieve muscle inflammation and help Vitamin C and D absorption as well as strengthening connective tissues. Use one of her serums first and roll-on all-over face and neck.

In summer I like to put the face roller in the fridge before usage. It works wonderfully against puffy eyes, especially in the morning.
The Obsidian stone has energetic properties by enhancing the flow of life energy, existing blockages are released, and I use it on my neck after a long day.




Deep cleansing your skin is most effective with the new ageLOC LumiSpa

The new ageLOC LumiSpa device was inspired by dermatological studies of skin protein production. Comparable to a facial massage, the ageLOC LumiSpa device uses a patent-pending, counter-rotating action to purify pores by removing dirt, oil, makeup, pollutants and toxins and besides there are many more skin benefits that intensify with continued daily use, like for example reduced pore appearance, radiance, improved appearance of volume and density and smoothness. Besides the nonabrasive silicone surface is gentler and more hygienic than brushes commonly used with other devices.

You can use their special cleansers or any other cleansing product or even mask.
Applying a mask first and then taking it off after some time with your LumiSpa is a perfect way to have the ingredients of the mask penetrate into the skin even further.