Angelo Seminara, most inspiring Hairdresser of his generation

That is how this award-winning hairdresser, who should be rather introduced as an artist, designer and inventor, who is obsessed about achieving the unachievable, constantly pushing the boundaries of hair to create looks of true originality.
His extraordinary work challenges the norm of all major Fashion Houses like Chanel, Valentino and Hermès , just to name a few. Our Editor–at–Large Zoe chats with him about the current hair situation.

IRMA: Are you a collector?
ANGELO SEMINARA: Yes, but I don’t like to get attached to “stuff”, so only keep things for a period of time, then get rid. I’m also selective about what I collect. I prefer having trees and plants to nurture rather than acquire material things such as designer watches or cars etc. I do like books and have a few paintings, but nothing of great value.

IRMA: Can I have a good hair style without blow drying?
ANGELO SEMINARA: Absolutely yes, 100 percent. I’m a great believer that you can have a natural hairstyle as long as it’s designed to suit the individual. It’s usually when people have a cut or colour unsuitable for either their hair type or face shape that they need to spend time blow drying and styling to create a “look”.

Artistic Director: Angelo Seminara, Make-Up: Daniel Kolaric,  Photographer: Andrew O’Toole,  Styling: Niccolò Torelli,  Colour Concept: Angelo Seminara Team, Directed by Takashi Kurokawa

IRMA: I haven’t been to a hairdresser in years. I never feel myself when I’m done, look like an unnatural version of myself. What’s going wrong?
ANGELO SEMINARA: It’s likely you haven’t found your “soul mate” hairdresser. I promise you there are many amazing hairdressers around the world who will make you feel your natural self – even the best version of yourself. I think things can sometimes go wrong if there is a misunderstanding in the consultation or when a hairdresser tries too hard, does too much.

‘Mirage’ for Great Lengths. Hair: Angelo Seminara, Make-Up: Daniel Kolaric, Photographer: Andrew O’Toole, Styling: Niccolo Torelli

IRMA: What is your favourite project right now?
ANGELO SEMINARA: I’m working with amazing designers on a project in Milan; a new colour tool for salon professionals to create revolutionary new colour techniques.

IRMA: You seem to get a lot of inspiration from nature. What else inspires you?
ANGELO SEMINARA: Inspiration is limitless. People and locations, art and attitudes, the world’s flora and fauna, its creatures and natural phenomena and all the textures they present – whether perfect or flawed. I love texture, constantly study texture in all manner of materials. I also find women’s beauty very inspiring, especially when you start to create a look to perfectly suits each individual. I’ve admired women all my life, how they look, behave and move, their gestures and emotions. It inspires me, connects me to a completely new world.

‘Fashion Inside and Out’ Homo Faber Exhibition, Venice 2018. Hair Designer: Angelo Seminara Curator: Judith Clark, Photographer: Marco Kesseler / The Michelangelo

IRMA: Your creations look like paintings. How do you start, what’s your thinking?
ANGELO SEMINARA: When I create a photograph, it’s not just a record – it’s a responsibility. I always try to think: “this needs to last a very long time”. And it must inspire me first, otherwise how can it inspire others? When we do hair, we use techniques to create the result – but it’s vital we use our feelings.
Sometimes an idea flashes through your mind like lightening; it fires through your brain, then through your body, touches your heart and sooner or later it comes out through your hands. When working on a new concept, if you are not feeling it, loving what you are doing – the best result won’t come out of your hands.
I spend a huge amount of time experimenting and creating for myself to give me complete satisfaction in having everything I need to create an image.
Capturing and creating the concept often means relying on others. Having a team of people in tune with you and what you want to express is essential, so everyone’s skills work harmoniously to enable you to produce a painting. If everyone lives and breathes the concept, you will reach the final result.

Angelo Seminara, pictured at home in London. ©Justin Griffiths-Williams

IRMA: What is your next project?
ANGELO SEMINARA: Creating new and stunning looks, while developing the world of hair
colouring and products.