Thank God I will be in Acapulco next week!

MUNICH: Hello, my name is Lara. I was asked to write this post and tell you a little bit about Team IRMA, the girls behind the scene who bring IRMA to life. I just finished another tray of homemade cookies from Kasumi, who will be in Stockholm for her holiday break and now I am more than ready to fly to Acapulco to meet my family.

We all felt like taking a break and traveling, except for IRMA. She decided to stay at home, getting comfortable with her dog Polly the Beagle, sitting in front of the fireplace looking forward to read selected short stories by our guest editor Zoe Warncke from New York City.  They will be online on the 28th of December.

Meet TEAM IRMA and we cannot wait to be back in town with lots of new ideas, a free spirit and new energy for YOU and of course to get IRMA out in the world again. Merry Christmas!

Team Irma_FINAL-ART (1)


founder of IRMASWORLD™, the company where she started five years ago to turn a nice illustration into an online magazine, many beautiful products and an internationally renowned testimonial. At the beginning only with tips and ideas to enjoy life, travel, fashion & beauty and now with a team of four editors, two technicians and 12 guest editors who report from around the world.
Jasmin Khezri writes and illustrates the life of IRMA.

responsible for PR & Marketing. The Belgian native switches easily between French, English and German. She explains to everyone she talks to that she is still writing in English because her German is not so good. This seems not to bother our partners, because if IRMA had a voice, then it’s that of Lara.

edits and writes about travel. She is our haven of tranquillity, the balance of all hysteria which can come up from time to time, especially when ten things are going on at the same time. She studied American history, loves New York and sorts out our ideas, thoughts and spelling mistakes.

half Swedish, half Japanese, she joined the team last year as a writer, loves fashion and beauty and cooks the best Indian food. In her spare time she takes singing lessons and loves to go hiking.

Our charming Beagle lady who doesn’t do very much at the office except eating, sleeping and sometimes snoring. Although our days are busy, everybody volunteers to take her for a walk in the park. And we love to have that break every once in a while. However, Polly keeps us busy as she mostly decides on her own path. She even has her own Instagram page.

You certainly know the lady who keeps us all busy and is the reason we all spend long hours at the office. Follow her and be excited what fascinating new stories and collaborations will happen next year.