Champagne for indulgence

 Enjoy Verve Clicquot in a signature cocktail, Cocktail the Grand or classic at home in front of a fireplace. Front Slider: Hermès garden picnic basket, portefeuille envelope trio, fleur en twill de soi

Enjoy Veuve Clicquot in a signature cocktail, Cocktail the Grand or classic at home in front of a fireplace. Front Slider: Hermès garden picnic basket, portefeuille envelope trio, fleur en twill de soi

BERLIN: We had a quick chat with head bartender Sascha Klinke at the Bar of the The GRAND in Berlin and the idea came to our mind to rent a suite to throw a party to chill and let the year come to a beautiful end. Thinking about chilled champagne, we had to ask these questions… and if after reading this you feel like having a glass of chilled Clicquot, take part in our raffle and win a box of champagne today.

Irma: Which champagne is perfect for every day or every other day?
Sascha Klinke: The flagship of the champagne house Clicquot, the Yellow Label, is thanks to the optimum balance between finesse and strength an excellent champagne for those special moments of everyday life. For special occasions and events, the Veuve Clicquot Vintage and the Prestige Cuvée La Grande Dame are the perfect companions.

Irma: The house favourite champagne cocktail?
S.K.: The latest creation of the house Clicquot is a Doux champagne, which was created especially for cocktails. Clicquot RICH is a champagne that provides surprise in the glass, rich in flavour and full of unusual ideas. You don’t drink Clicquot RICH straight up, but on ice and with diverse ingredients: candied pineapple, cucumber, celery, bell peppers, grapefruit or black tea. The secret of champagne lies in the higher dosage and a special combination of various grapes whose fine nuances are very different when enhanced by the addition of fruits, vegetables and tea. Its taste: Very Clicquot.

Irma: How do you prefer to serve your champagne flute and why: coupe or silver flute?
S.K.: Depending on the moment, I’d recommend a different glass of champagne for perfect enjoyment. However, wide coupe glasses are usually most likely to let the sparkling and the flavours of champagne unfold.

Irma: The best time of the day for a chilled glass of champagne?
S.K.: A special celebration, a spontaneous party with friends, or just enjoying a glass of Veuve Clicquot – any moment, regardless of the time of day, deserves the best champagne.

Irma: Cooking with champagne, is there a brand you can suggest?
S.K.: Champagne is often not only an appetizer, but thrilling also as an accompaniment to seafood and fish. The secret of the perfect combination lies in the aromatic balance between wine and food.

Irma: Champagne on ice: yes or a no-go?
S.K.: Champagne on ice may well be a great pleasure, as in our cocktail Vivian Ward with Clicquot Brut, after all we only use top products for top drinks. In addition, with RICH Veuve Clicquot has created a champagne specifically for cocktails, which only develops to its full potential with the addition of ice.


Vivian Ward
4cl Gin (we prefer Tanqueray)
1cl Kwai Feh Litchi liqueur
2cl Vanilla syrup
3cl Raspberry puree
2cl Lime juice

Shake all ingredients and then sieve in a big glass on crushed ice, fill up with champagne and fold in. Decorate with mint leaves.

In celebration of Christmas, The Grand Berlin is giving away a crate of champagne. Good luck!

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