Table wear summer 2020

IRMA plate, IRMA mug, Crista Seya Vase

Our table will be the centre of attention this summer. It will be the playground not only for the meals we cook but also a platform for our sophistication. We look at a table setting, ideas and moods when it comes to our personal design aesthetics.

The table is the place where we gather with friends and family, where we exchange thoughts, ideas and plans. This place deserves our attention and making it personal seems only natural.

India Mahdavi is a master when it comes to design and mixing colours. This summer she designed a capsule collection with the French department store Monoprix where she puts the focus on colourful table wear that will definitely put you into the mood of summer.


Belgian designer Maria Scarpulla launches a series of tables, which can be used both in- and outdoors, in primary colours. The lacquered steel tables in glossy red, yellow and blue are completely handmade in Belgium. Together with a new series of abstract paintings, Scarpulla presents the tables under the title Campi di Colore. The long tables are sleek and minimal in shape, but also elegant and warm due to the use of color. In addition, the steel makes for a very robust, weather and wear-resistant object. The table is available here .


The IRMA ceramic hand-painted plates are a stand-alone on a table, they can be used for everyday dining or as a piece of illustration art at your wall.


Crista Seya Vase. Bold ceramics are the centre of attention and sometimes they just stand alone pretty . Putting them on your dining table is a statement with or without flowers. The temporary online shop by Cristaseya has ja beautiful one available now.



Every summer, the illustration artist Jasmin Khezri spends some time in the Algarve in Portugal, where she works on her ceramic arts in a small workshop. All plates are hand-painted and come in black and white line drawings. The plates are machine washable. Available at our shop.



There are many cultures that pay attention to the way we serve our guests, or we bring the food to the table. A tray is essential , we created a wooden, engraved one with an IRMA artwork in collaboration with the German manufacture Schönbuch. Ceramic mugs also by Irmasworld.


Tray and bowls from the schönbuch x  IRMA Art Edition