Your shopping habit might have changed. 10 reasons to shop at Vestiaire Collective

Fashion will change, our shopping habits will change and these last weeks in Lock Down due to the COVID-19 might have provoked the way we consume luxury and fashion in the future. But one thing will not change. Our love and appreciation for certain fashion items, and more than before we want to be surprised and inspired by fashion.

Therefore, we think that Vestiaire Collective is the perfect platform for all these aspects and most importantly to make things we love come and go around and support eco-friendly consumption.

Voilà, IRMAs thoughts about why vintage shopping and selling is now the way to go.

You might not be the person who likes to go for bargain hunts on overcrowded flea markets and not so well-scented second-hand stores, but you always admire these girls that are well dressed by combining vintage, current and just found so well. If you are looking for a more curated form of vintage shopping, Vestiaire Collective is your place, especially the different sections like for example WE LOVE gives you access to the most wanted pieces, Daily Deals and the special Designer sections are fun and worth going through.

Keep your closet organized, it gives you a better impression of what you have and what you never wear or would like to get.

There are many reasons, first, of course because this planet is overloaded with Fashion and many designers are working on new collections with designs from their archives. So why not do the bargain short cut and buy the original collection piece for a fair price on VC.

and do not only buy vintage but also sell the pieces from your wardrobe you no longer want and wear. The Vestiaire Collective app (see our story) is so easy to use that while going through your wardrobe in the morning you can quickly select and edit the pieces you no longer want and put them directly on your VC selling account. By doing so you not only free up space in your wardrobe, you also do something good for the environment.

Find these sparkling Miu Miu shoes from the winter 2019 collection at the WE LOVE section.

 A community that shares a passion for fashion and vintage.
Meet the sellers and see their accounts, be inspired by their style and get in touch with them. Build your own fashion community, exchange tips and information and have an interchanging wardrobe that never gets boring.

Vintage presents, especially accessories are great presents for your friends and family and when they come from Vestiaire Collective these gifts also carry a secondary message. It is not a newly produced fashion item but something that is already there and has now found a new owner.

Also like these silk pyjama pants by Prada with their signature print and marabou trim.

Do you remember the moment you have worn a certain dress? The shoes you were wearing when meeting the love of your life? Clothes and accessories can have a very personal memory that make you dream of a special event, happening or acquaintance. Find these pieces on Vestiaire Collective. They make you happy, especially during these turbulent times.

Vestiaire Collective stands for upmarket designers and collections, but you can also find bargains of less expensive but renowned brands and if you are looking for something new you always have the option of selling something old from your wardrobe which then becomes a most wanted for another shopper. Think of one in one out and build an inexpensive but fashionable wardrobe of your own.

I always look for classic pieces which also gain in value.

and get trends, inspirations and fashion forecasts from Vestiaire Collective. So, you not only get informed, but you can also directly buy what you see. Subscribe to their Newsletter and follow the account on IG @vestiaireco for the latest trend and fashion updates.

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