How did staying at home influence your style? We chat with Fashion Director  Daniella Gurtner.

Foto © Andreas Ortner

Fashion has changed, the industry will change and we ask Daniella Gurtner, Fashion Director of the German magazine Myself and Donna about how she sees fashion and her style after the Corona lock down.

IRMA: How did your personal uniform has changed?
DANIELLA GURTNER: My daily yoga and running routine, which helps me to get organized and leads to clarity, should also reflect in my appearance. Clear lines, basics but still a modern silhouette (oversize) and the desire to surround myself with good materials and neutral colours

IRMA: Does how you dress on a day off differentiate from what you wear at work?
DANIELLA GURTNER: The look and style doesn’t really differ. Business clearly is more formal. I used to get dressed more for the occasion, but today the way I dress should suit me better and correspond to my personality. That can sometimes be a masculine pant suit even though it is a cocktail party.

IRMA: Do you integrate sportswear and loungewear more into your daily dressing now?
DANIELLA GURTNER: Yes absolutely. It’s also trendy. I believe that the combination of leisurewear, sportswear and classic pieces is also a cool styling update. My favourite combination at the moment; Oversize blazer and leggings (here also the active version with zipper) combined with cool sandals and gold jewellery.

Picasso Museum Paris

IRMA: What means slow fashion to you now?
DANIELLA GURTNER: To invest in good timeless design, to react on trends less.
To take good care for your clothes, shoes and accessories.

nanushka presentation

IRMA: Does your interior, way of life comes closer to the way you dress?
DANIELLA GURTNER: I’m trying to reduce myself completely at the moment. By moving from Zurich to Munich two years ago, I have already separated myself from a lot of material and I try to have more space and fewer interior objects here. the same applies to my dress, shoes and accessories situation. In the last few weeks I have been forced to cut back a lot and really have a look at what suits my style, so some flower dresses and animal prints had to be sorted out. I see my look simple and clean at the moment, which applies to both areas.

nanushka dress

IRMA: You want to surround yourself with more….?
DANIELLA GURTNER: Free space and flowers ( peonies ) .

IRMA: What is your personal opinion on how to present and show fashion in the future?
DANIELLA GURTNER: I already prefer presentations more like big events. For example, like the great presentation of the label nanushka, which was shown in the l`Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. A great location, great interior concept and then clothes that were staged as a small show, no show pieces but clothes to wear. Watching and meeting people, having good conversations. all of this is more a good experience for me than monumental, distant, impersonal shows.

IRMA: Which values do you appreciate in fashion and interior in the future?
DANIELLA GURTNER: I hope that mass production and fast fashion will lose worth and importance and that good design, individuality and local designs will gain appreciation.

Produktion in der myself

IRMA: If one looks at  fashion as an investment what is the way to go in the future?
DANIELLA GURTNER: Quality over quantity. I try to avoid mass production and fast fashion. Rather saving my money for a special piece and shop vintage again. Fashion is always related to human personalities and visons.

IRMA: What makes you dream?
DANIELLA GURTNER: The creativity and the design idea of a Phoebe Philo back then for Celine, who made fashion for a modern woman.

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