Swarovski sparkles for the Premier of the Zauberflöte

Stage Design by Katharina Schlipf and costumes by Ursula Kudrna and Jan Meier

Salzburg is the place to be if you are into arts and want to widen your cultural horizon. Might it be music, art or talks. The hills around Salzburg are alive.

Swarovski crystal strand chandelier made of 30.000 crystals, Foto ©Thomas Steinlechner

We had been invited to the opening premiere of Mozarts Zauberflöte at the Festspiele in Salzburg last Friday. It was a new production by the American director Lydia Steier. It had a spectacular costume design made out of more than one million Swarovski crystals. Ursula Kudrna and Jan Meier created all costumes around the theme of the circus. The Russian Sopranist Albina Shagimuratova was the queen of the night, wearing a handmade head jewel and the stage design from Katharina Schlipf was inspired by the Windsor McCay’s comic “little Nemo in Slumberland”. A modern interpretation with visual mixed media consisting of video art, graphics and special effects.

The newly created role of the narrator was beautifully played by Klaus Maria Brandauer.

Halbbären performing at the artistic circus at Zauberflöte

The welcoming cocktail and after opera dinner were held on stage of the Felsenreitschule right next to the opera house decorated with an enormous crystal strand chandelier made of 30.000 crystals. The same stage was redesigned by the house of Swarovski for the midnight dinner, transformed into long dinner tables decorated with transparent fresh flowers and crystal designed blossoms by Crystals from Swarovski.

Jasmin wears Swarovski Atelier Earrings designed by Tabitha Simmons

This installation underlined the strong partnership to the Salzburger Festspiele and the continuous supports in the creative field and the arts of the house of Swarovski.

Dinner tables at the Felsenreitschule. Foto ©Thomas Steinlechner


Table decoration with crystals from Swarovski, Foto ©Thomas Steinlechner


Table decoration with crystals from Swarovski, Foto ©Thomas Steinlechner


Table decoration with crystals from Swarovski, Foto ©Thomas Steinlechner

The night came to an end with interesting conversations with guests of film, culture, arts, press and an endless number of pictures and impressions in my head. Walking home from the Felsenreitschule through the setting of this historical cultural loaded backdrop of Salzburg was a treat. We would like to thank Nadia Swarovski and Atelier Swarovski for this unforgettable night.

Papagena Girls with impressive Swarovski studded costume and Jasmin Khezri wearing Hermès Summer 2018 collection to the Premier of Die Zauberflöte at the Salzburger Festspiele.