Bastien Gonzalez: pedicure is about curing the feet, not painting the nail

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What makes a pedicure with Bastien Gonzalez so unique? You now have the chance to meet the master himself or his team of pedicurists besides his salon in Paris in the award-winning spas of the Mandarin Oriental Hotels in Bangkok, Barcelona, Hong Kong, London and Taipei  which will change the way you look at your feed in the future after you had one of Bastien’struepedicure.

Bastien Gonzales


IRMA: How does the true pedicure which was developed by you differ from a regular pedicure?
Curing the feet, not painting the nail. So, in 3 steps I cure the nail with a very different concept using 4 different grains finer than finer and I finally apply at last my magic cream.

To cure the skin we work from dry skin so we are very precise. Cure the mobility with a massage where we try to respond to 5 different aspects from blood circulation to joint mobilities.
The difference comes from a very strong knowledge base out of my medical degree and the desire to educate our customer to better feet!

IRMA: Feet have so many symbolic meanings in history and religion: What do they mean to you?
BASTIEN GONZALEZ: Traveling the world I face so many symbols about feet and food care. I have so many of them I won’t know where to start!
From historical symbols of feet in ancient china to the biblical symbol of Jesus Christ washing the feet of is apostles.
You Just gave me an idea for a new book!

IRMA: I love my feet, I also love when they get attention (like Salma Hayek’s feet in „from dust till dawn“ – BUT I know lots of women dont like their feet, in fact they find them disgusting although pretty pedicured.
How can someone change their „feet-relationship“?
This is exactly my challenge, to love our feed and I will never give it up. The day you start to love your feet they will give you so much back and it is so easy to fall in love.
Start with a 30 second foot massage every night using a good cream (reverence de Bastien)
This part is one of great importance when you visit us in our PediManiCure Studio. Éducation how to great and love your feet!

Bastian Gonzales at the Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

IRMA: Are heels bad for my feet and if so what is your balancing advise when taking off your shoes?
: Like rich chocolate cake, when thinking about a diet!!
It is all about balance. The most important is to stretch your feed to compensate the retractions and relax as soon as you take your passive mobility off your feed.  Move them up and down and rotated the feed. It is  important to pull the same axce to liberate the pressure in the joint.

IRMA: What would be the „starter“ treatment I should try
BASTIEN GONZALEZ: Every night 30 sec on each foot with good cream

IRMA: And what is the best night care for your feed?
BASTIEN GONZALEZ: Same as above. Better make your partner do 2min on each foot!

IRMA: How can you improve the health of your feed in general and at home. Is there a special nutritional supplement which works for your nails and skin?
BASTIEN GONZALEZ: I don’t know about supplements
I know it is important to check on your feed every day. Good shoes are key!
Nothing to do with a brand but more like Cinderella don’t compromise and take the one giving you the best feeling.