Sisley x Jasmin Khezri Collection

This week, IRMASWORLD, in collaboration with French skincare and beauty brand SISLEY, Paris, hosted a very special event at the ODEEH B7 store in Munich.

The idea was to combine fashion and beauty in a very special and fun way.

The Jasmin Khezri collection and the ODEEH collection by Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich, who also stand for high craftsmanship, handcrafted patterns and artistic collaboration, fit perfectly into their loft-like new shop and showroom at Briennerstraße 7.

It was the combination of colour, contour, expression, light, look and feel that formed the red ribbon throughout the afternoon.
First we met in the boutique, looked at the collection and later, just a few steps away, went to the Maison SISLEY, where national make-up artist Marco Nutz and his team presented and used the latest make-up innovations from SISLEY and used them with their decorative stands Beauty products for high skin care.
The whole afternoon was all about ME TIME, highlighting various aspects of skincare, well-being and emphasizing personal features and style.

Looking at your face and skin is like choosing the color for the type of clothes you want to wear. More than ever it is important to express your own personal style in the way that makes you feel most comfortable.

We are still in the ODEEH B/ Store at Briennerstraße 7 in Munich until 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evening and look forward to showing you Spring Summer 2022.


Everything you need for a touch-up throughout the day PHYTO – TOUCHE POUDRE ECLAT SOLEIL TRIO, pinceau blush and black mascara SO STRETCH on our handcrocheted organic cotton cardigan.


So nice to meet and talk again……


Find out everything about your facial features, complexion and highlights from Marco Nutz.


It’s all about trying on and matching the collection.
A mix of SISLEY Pbauty and our artisanal accessories.


Getting makeup done can be very meditative.


Canapes with chilled champagne.


Lea from Team IRMA captures the afternoon.


The Jasmin Khezri collection is all about detail and colour, handcrafted and sometimes featuring fabrics from La Maison Pierre Frey, like the reversible Petite waistcoat.


All compiled by Jasmin Khezri.


Thank you to everyone who came out to make this event such a delight.