Fake lashes for daily use

Falsies are a steady part of beauty standards for ages.
Monroe, Cher, Twiggy, and the list goes on and on.
Lashes play an important role to protect our eyes. From dust, dirt and sunlight and drying out too easily.
Back in the days of the silver screen lashes hardly looked REAL today’s falsies have much more variety and everyday vibe to it.

We found some companies who offer a lot of the natural looking option from day to glam.
The new generation of false lashes is easier to apply and reuse. Glue became nontoxic and there are lots of vegan hair choices available (bye bye mink hair)
Tons of YouTube tutorials help you to master the application.

But most of all;
Lashes can make your face and facial expression look completely different, comparing to which ones you apply how.

Here are our favourites and how to take care of them


Where to buy them online






By Westman Atelier, a non -synthetic black Mascara that looked natural and does not smudge or crumble. It is consciously made using 96% natural ingredients, it’s blended with waxes and black pigments that nourish and condition from the root up. The dense brush volumizes, defines and curls in one sweep.


RAE MORRIS eyeliner is part of the ‘Jishaku’ collection. The liner has a meticulously crafted brush using traditional Japanese techniques and has vegan bristles and a magnetic function.