From left: Canvas wallet, Hérmes; Fur gloves, Chanel; Book, Reclam; iPhone cover, IRMA by caseable; Headphone, Beats by Dre; Vintage Kelly Bag, Hèrmes


REYKJAVIK: A weekend travel is something that has to be well planed to get the most out of it. You can make a three-day mini holiday out of a two night stay. The key is packing.

Follow IRMAS tips about how and what to pack and arrive at your destination perfectly prepared .

  • Check for the best forecast before packing
  • Look for multipurpose garments and accessories that might even be transformable. For example make a top out of an Hermes scarf and wear it for evening wear or during the day as a scarf.
  • Think about a jacket or coat that can be worn sportively during the day and elegant by adding a view accessories during the night.
  • Wear your heaviest and most voluminous piece while travelling so you have enough space in your bag.
  • When packing put your lingerie and hosiers in your handbags into your luggage and use silk paper in-between each garment, like this you avoid creased pieces when you unpack.
  • Check your hotel for in room toiletries and only take the most necessary beauty product in travelling size.
  • Ask yourself if you will go shopping or not, like this you can arrive with less and have space for more.
  • Plan each day in advance so you get the most out of it. If you know what you will be doing, you can plan your outfits.
  • Think about comfortable cloths and shoes. There is nothing worse than to walk around in uncomfortable shoes.
  • Enjoy your trip