JK from IRMAS WORLD test driving the all new Land Rover Discovers Sport in Iceland. Photo by Nick Dimbleby

REYKJAVIK: Waking up at the ION Adventure Hotel you feel just in the right place for the day ahead. I am happy to test drive the latest Land Rover Discovery Sport and I cannot wait until the sun rises to go on the road (that’s 10 a.m. in Iceland in January). Anyways, I have a quick chat with Massimo Frascella, Creative Director-Exteriors, who designed the new Discovery Sport.

Listening to what he has to say about the design makes me realize how perfectly well this car is actually conceived. “The volume and proportions work harmoniously together and the treatment of the corners almost disappears which gives the car an extremely modern appeal. The design has a very distinctive silhouette; the relationship between glass and volume is perfectly balanced”. And the option to fit 7 people into the car is incredible considering the size, as it does not seem too big at all to be driven in a city.

You no longer have the feeling, that you drive a car for the more robust road, although it is capable of doing exactly that. Its distinguished design makes this new Discovery Sport more premium than ever before and when I look at it a second time I even discover certain similarities to the new Range Rover, especially in the front.

When it finally gets a little brighter we hit the road, but not without security instructions as the weather changes quickly in Iceland, the roads are icy and an ice storm can come up in seconds, blurring all visibility.

Driving towards the golden waterfall Gulfoss is like meditation. There are no cars, just a view houses and of course no pedestrian on the road.

You have to be careful not getting too comfortable in the drivers seat and put your mind on the road whilst enjoying this natural beauty.

The car drives easily and whether you have any gravel, ice or snow on the street I can almost say, the car is driving for you. Just press the button for the kind of road you are on and let the car do the work for you.

I am rather tempted to go further off road but I won`t as it is strongly forbidden in Iceland and the snow can be tricky.

We arrive at the stunning Gulfoss and on to the secret lagoon geothermal Spa where I have the opportunity of using Land Rovers newest SUV even further on a spectacular route. Our day trip ends in Reykjavik arriving early just before sundown at 4:45 a.m. .

Checking in at the 101 Design Hotel, I grab my bags from the very spacious trunk that can be enlarged so that I could even have an overnight sleep in it. Waking up the next morning in the beautiful Icelandic countryside.

The car is fun and elegant at the same time. You notice the English spirit and origin of the brand and the perfect mix of Italian design that makes the new Discovery Sport a Must have on the road (and off).