Perfect eye care: Eyes wide open


Tired, lined, puffy or dark-circled eyes are some of the most common beauty problems and can age your face beyond its years. Natural ingredients in your eye care are one essential against this common flaw: Butterfly lavender and reviving frozen water algae in the new DARPHIN Hydraskin All-Day Eye Refresh Gel-Cream, are only two of the infusing and refreshing substances in this formula nature has to offer. But as always it’s best to find the right balance: a good mix between a profound eye care, a good night sleep and some home-grown measures are necessary for beautiful eyes.

Do not be too heavy-handed when applying any eye products. Throughout the day we are constantly pulling and tugging at facial skin without being aware of it, especially around the eye area. Always apply eye products with the ring finger to respect the fine texture of the skin and apply from the outer to the inner corner without dragging. The main benefit of DARPHIN Hydraskin All-Day Eye Refresh Gel-Cream is the instant cooling effect which depuffs the under-eye area and feels wonderfully smooth on the skin.

Use gentle lymphatic drainage massage with your fingertips around the eye contour when you apply your eye care in the morning and evening. The movement of circular massage improves skin tone, eradicates puffiness and helps aid lymphatic drainage. Tip lightly with your fingertips around the eye area for a boost of blood circulation. This removes toxins from the skin and improves firmness and texture. See illustration:


Add even more natural ingredients (DARPHIN eye gel-cream contains 91% ingredients of natural origin) with a Granny Smith apple which is a great solution for when your eyes are puffy and with dark circles. Keep an apple in the fridge and then simply cut two slices, lie down, close your eyes and place a slice over each closed eye. Leave on your eyes for ten minutes. The apple slice will not only be cooling on the eye, but the presence of tannin in apples, which has anti-inflammatory properties, will help reduce puffiness.

It is a traditional remedy and no news, but putting two slices of cucumber under your sunglasses when taking a sun tan hydrates and protects your eyes.

You need to find out what’s causing your puffy eyes. Is it swelling due to fluid accumulation or fat pockets? If the puffiness is constant all the time, it will be due to fat. If it’s transient, it’s fluid. But sometimes it can be caused by a little bit of both. If it’s caused by fluid, watch your salt intake. Try to keep stress levels down and don’t drink a lot of alcohol. Sleeping on a pillow and not lying flat is a good way to eliminate fluid.

The first signs of aging are usually around the eyes, where the skin is thin and fine in texture. It is so important to keep the skin around the eye well hydrated – but balance is key. Use too much cream and they’ll look puffy, too little and the fine lines and wrinkles will show up.

Sleep in a well-ventilated bedroom and use Persian rose water before applying any eye cream. Soak two round, flat cotton wool pads in the rosewater, then wrap them in cling film and pop in the fridge. Once chilled, remove the cling film and place over closed eyes. The combination of coldness and soothing rosewater will help restrict capillaries and bring down any puffiness.

We believe that lots of water, green tea and a perfect supplement for your eye problem can do a lot from the inside. Use RETARON, a medication from the pharmacy, that contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin, premium omega-3 fatty acids and substances with a high antioxidant capacity (active against free radicals) represent the three columns which work perfectly against eye aging.