Linda Rodin teaches women how to age in style

Linda Rodin by Rebecca Pollak
Linda Rodin by Rebecca Pollak

I am actually looking forward to getting older and turning into an elderly lady when I look at and talk to Linda Rodin. The former model and stylist must be the most fashionable 60-something who can easily teach much younger women about the secrets of enduring style and enjoying life at any age. With her silvery mane, her trademark cat eye glasses and her poodle Winks by her side, she is the epitome of a woman of style and poise (no wonder she has 127,000 followers on Instagram) She embodies a certain je ne sais quoi that makes aging look cool.

And Linda is a successful businesswoman, too: In 2008 she started her own little beauty company in her home in New York, which quickly developed into a cult beauty brand, especially thanks to her star product, the best-selling, luxurious face oil Rodin Olio Lusso.

IRMA: How did you get the idea for your lovely products?
LINDA RODIN: I couldn’t find a moisturizer that I loved so I decided to create my own mixing my favourite oils together.

IRMA: What have been the most thoughtful things you did when making a business out of a great idea?
LINDA RODIN: I think it was the fact that I could share my wonderful products with everyone.

IRMA: A German writer, Loriot, said: “Living without a pug is possible but pointless.” Does this apply to poodles as well? Or all dogs?
LINDA RODIN: It definitely applies to all creatures. Dogs. Cats. Birds.

IRMA: What would you tell a woman who is struggling with her looks as she ages?
LINDA RODIN: Ah, there is no great advice for this. I struggle with it day by day. I just try and convince myself that we all age and grow older and what’s wrong with that? For me, I prefer my own face to an altered one.

IRMA: What is your favourite plant for indoors and why?
LINDA RODIN: Oh, I adore all plants. I have orchids, succulents and everything in between. As long as I can see them grow and keep them alive, I’m happy.

IRMA: If you could only add one new piece to your wardrobe for spring / summer, what would that be?
LINDA RODIN: A wonderful handbag that goes with all things.

IRMA: How do you stay open-minded?
LINDA RODIN: I surround myself with a lot of interesting people.

IRMA: What is your favourite food when you want to boost your health?
LINDA RODIN: I eat an avocado and tomatoes every day because I adore them and luckily they are quite healthy.

IRMA: And what is your favourite comfort food?
LINDA RODIN: Eggs. Soft boiled. Fried. Poached. Or as an egg salad.

IRMA: Which place inspires you most in NYC?
LINDA RODIN: My own home.

IRMA: What is your “before sleep ritual”?
LINDA RODIN: I take a long warm bath. Then I slather myself in my body oil, and get into bed with my doggie. I watch some TV or read and answer emails.

IRMA: May I do a drawing of you?
LINDA RODIN: I would be flattered. Let’s!