Outside living

The other day when I was lucky enough to catch some sunny days on the Frisian island of Sylt I thought by myself that I actually would love to spend summer days more outside instead of being inside the house. To transport a living, interior surrounding into your garden or balcony is no news, but your alfresco space is getting chicer and IRMA shares some tips for living outside.

    There are more and more weather robust materials out there which are perfect to use as pillows, shade makers or even carpets for outside. Hermès, makes some beautiful outside materials which are protected against sun UV, chlorine and dampness.
    Create a space that does not take too much effort to bring back inside overnight a rustic iron table and chairs is actually getting more beautiful when having an outside touch.
    Create lightening that enhances the atmosphere, either by candles or special lamps, Nemo makes nice ones.
    Use ceramics, glass and porcelain to make your alfresco dinner a feast for the eye. Kartell makes the TRAMA carafe and glasses to serve your ginger lemonade outside.
    What to wear on a sunny day? A loose comfortable, airy dress, this one for example by Sportmax from their Summer 2019 collection . A basket at your hand to bring along flowers and delicatessens and some slip-ons, easy enough to take off.
    Create a Workspace outside and use fresh air and greenery for creative working, which makes everything so much easier.
    Use sailing canvas bought in any boat equipment store to create waterproof roof tops with robes, attaching it to trees.
    Invest in vintage garden furniture and make them pretty by repainting them with special outdoor colour from Farrow & Ball.



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