Why Yoga and Art work perfectly together at the Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana, South Tyrol

For our beauty editor, a mom of two little girls, a long wellness holidays or yoga retreat are miles away. But we found a place in the vineyards of Lana where you can have a short, but intensive timeout for your body, soul and mind.

A travel diary by Susanne Mayr

The Hotel Schwarzschmied is located in the heart of the city Lana surrounded by trees and grapevine.

My day starts with a very authentic wakeup call at 06:45 when the church bells ring very long and loud – but also very familiar. It does not take a second to get me out bed and I decide to do one hour of Morning Flow yoga, as the energy at this South Tyrolian region is immense. My yoga teacher, Melanie, who studied various yoga classes in North India and also is a teacher for vegan nutrition creates a class that starts smooth and slow with classic asanas that are wonderfully flowing and slowly increase the intensity. After that I am more powerful and full of energy.

The region of Lana invites you for long hiking tours or during summer some Yoga outdoors. Twice a day you can practise different types of yoga with various teachers. And 15 times a year you can do a special yoga retreat for a weekend or a week.

Slightly animated, I only want freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, millet and buckwheat porridge with fresh fruit and agave syrup at breakfast and can do without the regional delicacies, even if they look very good.

All dishes are organic and regional, prepared in-house.

Then I take a walk in the rain through the nearby vineyards and apple orchards before returning to visit the spa area. After a long swim I relax in one of the new relaxation rooms with a view surrounded by the most beautiful nature. Now it’s time for a massage, as my neck has been giving me a hard time for a long time. Andrea, who is not only a masseuse, but has many additional trainings and is also a yoga teacher starts first without oil to loosen fasciae stuck together with targeted grips, before she deals with the tensions during the actual massage. She tells me that my emotional side flows well, but the material side is very tense. She works on my energy pathways, stimulates the lymph flow and dissolves blockages. She advises me to drink a lot of water and to do yoga.

The Schwarzschmied Hotel has a very modern, clean and cosy touch – since the son Klaus Dissertori took over the house in 2014, almost everything has changed. Photographer: lilli persson / www.thefoodthetravel.com .
Photographer: lilli persson / www.thefoodthetravel.com

In the evening I treat myself to a session of fascia yoga with Steffi. The exercises are mostly new for me, very dynamic and lively and really deep. Instead of staying rigid in the asanas, you wiggle into the movements and listen completely to your own body. Combined with flowing moves and gentle jumps, it becomes a very demanding hour that brings a lot into motion – especially with the full moon power we had these days.

Our Beauty Editor Susanne Mayr takes a break together with her daughters, Emmy and Lilou who loved wear the cosy morning coats, made to measure .

Tired but very happy I enjoy a delicious 4-course dinner. For a holistic concept, the nutrition in the Schwarzschmied is also adapted to the yoga thoughts. Of course, there are a lots of regional delicacies and meat, but also vegetarian and vegan dishes. I choose stinging nettle dumplings in fresh cheese sauce, cod with eggplants, and finally a tartelette that resembles a small piece of art.

The relaxation room is an oasis you almost do not want to leave. Photographer: lilli persson / www.thefoodthetravel.com

Maybe even this fits to the really harmonious concept, because art also has a very strong meaning at the Schwarzschmied. In the spa, in the lobby and even on the in-house postcards there are illustrations.

Klaus Dissertori says so: Art makes everything more exciting and individual. It works perfectly in his house!

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