Das Stue Hotel
Paco Pérez CASUAL restaurant at DAS STUE , JK from getting a look inside Mr Paco Pérez kitchen and the restaurant CINCO which is the fine dining experience at DAS STUE

Berlin: Just imagine a former Danish embassy hosting Spanish chef Paco Pérez who manages two restaurants at Das Stue Hotel, cooking haute cuisine at CINCO and an all-day dining experience at CASUAL.

This is a perfect contrast balancing both very different cultures in one spot. It also reflects the entire concept of this very relaxed and cool hotel in Berlin. It is vibrant in its own elegant way and it has a story to tell which makes the guest curious about that special place. Just think of a perfect marriage between a Dane and a Spaniard.

During my recent stay in Berlin I was happy to eat at CASUAL. The menu is full of surprises regarding Spanish cuisine and at the same time it also contains the classic tapas you are looking for. Read on for Mr. Paco Perez’s suggestion for the day and book a table when in Berlin.

IRMA: What is the most used ingredient in your kitchen?

PACO PÉREZ: Olive oil.

IRMA: What is your favorite snack during the day?

PACO PÉREZ: Jamon Iberico de Bellota. It’s only a favorite but of course we can’t eat it every day, as it is a very luxurious snack.

IRMA: What would be your suggestion for a special healthy (but still very tasty!) dinner?


  1. Quinoa salad with citrus fruits, arugula and baby spinach;
  2. Pan-fried Mediterranean fish ‘a la Donostia’ in a sauce with olive oil, vinegar and garlic, and seasonal vegetables
  3. Fresh fruit marinated with star anise, lemongrass and estragon, toffee and dark chocolate sorbet